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 I am 15 years old.
 I am a neutered male.
 I can live with older teenagers.
 I cannot live with dogs.
 I cannot live with other cats.
 I can live in a home with a garden or a large indoor home.


Our gorgeous boy Bruno was signed over to us under the most heartbreaking circumstances. His owner (who had Bruno since a kitten) came to the shelter in tears as he was worried about Bruno’s safety after a horrific incident. This poor owner had been a victim of a home invasion which resulted in him enduring hours of physical violence. 

After this traumatic event, Bruno’s owner’s mental health was understandably getting worse and he was worried about his beloved cat’s wellbeing. We hope he feels settled in the knowledge and that Bruno is being loved and looked after at the shelter; we wish him all the best and that he is feeling better.

Poor Bruno was very stressed when he arrived at the shelter - after all, he had been in the same room where his owner of 15 years was attacked by a stranger. Through patience and understanding, we needed to encourage him to build a bond with the staff at the shelter, so we decided he would stay in our Homing Team office.

He has now settled in comfortably into the role of office mascot, and revealed to us the unexpected personality of a DIVA! Our lad is very vocal about what he wants and when he’s unhappy, but he’s the epitome of “all bark and no bite”. Bruno doesn’t like other cats and will growl at the sight of them, but has never demonstrated any aggression towards them or us - he used to retreat from one of our tiny elderly cats who was recently adopted!

Bruno is a ruler of the roost and doesn’t want to time share with other cats; he enjoys sitting on or behind our laptops in a bid for attention, then purrs away when he gets it. He is happiest in a sunny spot, watching the birds out the window next to one of his favourite people. Bruno is treat motivated lad who will eagerly follow us to the cupboard and attempt to gently rip a Lick-E-Licks packet right out of your hand!

Bruno is a proper Peter Pan cat who doesn’t act his age in the slightest. He runs and jumps about as if he’s still a young cat... He does however need a dental before he leaves the shelter!

Update: Bruno has now had his dental and has recovered very well, he is excited to find him new home now. 

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, address and contact phone number.  

Our cats are rescues, that have either been abandoned, stray, neglected or abused. All homes need to have a home check either by video call or in person and we will provide advice about caring for cats or kittens. This is also a chance for us to see what type of home you can offer to one of our cats and to best match a cat with your home and family.  

Following a successful home visit, we will make an appointment for you to come and meet the cats at the shelter and adopt. If you have picked cat/s from the website, you will meet them on adoption day. 

We are prioritising homes that are local to our centre and these are the Canning Town catchment areas: East London, parts of North London and parts of West Essex.

If you can offer a home to a harder to home cat, we will consider a home outside these areas.