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Β MarchΒ 2018

πŸ’— ongoingΒ appeal for the single catΒ πŸ’—

cat in picture:Β Bailey

We continue our appeal for the the single cat as we still have so many lovely beautiful female cats plus the only two males, Darren and Cookie, wanting to be the only pet in their new home.

The single cat wants nothing more than human companionship by giving and receiving unconditional love. The single cat lets you be yourself - your compassionate and loving self. He/she doesn’t require you to compromise, change your personality, be polite, groomed, well dressed, in a good mood, sociable and eloquent at all times.

Like humans, some cats get nervous, intimidated and agitated by their own species. Female cats may have been chased round the streets by un-neutered tomcats; others may be more introverted and lack confidence whilst some can be over-confident and bully their fellow felines.

Most of our resident single cats desire human companionship and consequently hope to give and receive unconditional love. They crave that special consistent relationship between you and them.

The single cat lets you be yourself, adores your compassionate and loving personality without demanding you to conform or compromise, without requesting you to be refined, cultured, groomed, well dressed, in a good mood, sociable, eloquent or even change your personality! She/he just accepts you the way you are!

In return for the love and care you give she/he will be your loyal companion for the rest of their life, lowering your stress levels and anxiety in your life.

Are you ready to experience that amazingly special bond?Β 

To make them easier to identify we have marked our single cats with a beating pink heart πŸ’—

🏠= indoor/house cat