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Emergency rescue - twelve cats

We received an urgent phone call from a housing association to let us know that one of their tenants had sadly been discovered passed away and that the Police had reported that the flat was full of cats.

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Multi-cat households

Multi-cat households... Cats breed very quickly and cat owners can find the situation gets out of hand very quickly...East London:  We received calls from concerned members of the public reporting a large number of hungry cats that had appeared and were trying to get into houses through windows and via cat flaps.

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Injuries to cats

Cat collars can be very dangerous, the term 'collar wound' refers to the often terrible injuries that are caused when the cat gets a leg, two legs or a jaw through its collar, if not promptly freed from the collar the collar will start to cut into the flesh.

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Puss - Puss

This poor cat was after she suffered horrific injuries which were presumably the result of a dog attack. She was a nervous stray that had been neutered previously and returned to a woman who continued to feed and care for her in her garden and she occasionally ventured indoors.

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Bagpuss & Tatty

Suffering strays

Bagpuss was a stray and came to us suffering with a condition called 'entropion', this is where the eyelids are rolling in, this means that the cats fur is constantly rubbing the surface of the eyes. This is very painful and can damage the eye's surface as well as causing permanent watery eyes and eye infections.

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Abandoned dog in London

More Abandoned Dogs

It is not only cats that find themselves on the streets. Dogs are also abandoned by heartless owners. Some greedy uncaring owners breed their dogs to try and make money by selling puppies.

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