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More Abandoned Dogs

Abandoned dog in London

It is not only cats that find themselves on the streets. Dogs are also abandoned by heartless owners. Some greedy uncaring owners breed their dogs to try and make money by selling puppies.

Bonnie (above) was found scavenging from a bin, she was emaciated and was so weak that her legs were buckling under her. She had clearly recently raised a litter of puppies, her owner may have been able to sell her puppies but not an adult dog in poor condition. 
Canning Town Branch nursed Bonnie back to health (as you can see in this photo of her - right) and she found a new home. Bonnie's new owner told us: "She's a loving, affectionate family member, and we wouldn't be without her."

Two dogs
Bonnie (after treatment) & Poppet 

Poppet was found dumped in a box along with some rubbish. An adorable elderly dog, we wonder what had happened that this could have been her fate. Poppet had a mouth full of rotten teeth which our vets soon sorted out and then she was rehomed.
Our London Branches facilities are not really suited for caring for dogs that need new homes for any length of time. 
If you could help with fostering a dog whilst a permanent new home is sought please do get in touch.


This emaciated Staffy boy, weighed only 9.2 Kg, when he was left tied to our rear fence on a freezing January night.  He was as cold as ice, trembling and terrified - God knows how long he had been there.  If we had not found him, we don't think he would have survived the night. We named him "Lucky".
Lucky required small meals every hour or so, because he had been starved and had to fed very carefully over the first few days. He loved his first comfortable bed - he'd obviously not had a bed before as he had callouses on pressure points where he must have been lying on concrete.
Lucky was fortunate enough to be adopted by the mother of one of our veterinary nurses and made a full recovery.