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Emergency rescue - broken glass stuck round cats head

We received a call to help a cat within a feral cat that we’d previously trapped, neutered and returned to a safe space. The cat in question had got her head stuck in a glass jar and was severely distressed. 


Thankfully she managed to break the jar without injuring herself, but the broken edge of the jar was stuck around her neck and risked cutting into her face.
Being feral, she couldn’t just be picked up and taken to a vet, she needed to be trapped in order to receive the help she needed. She refused to go into the trap on the first night we tried but the following morning one of our rescue workers, Tracey, thankfully managed to catch her and brought her to our veterinary clinic.
“Nymphie“ had to be anaesthetised due to her very nervous nature. Once sedated the vets were carefully able to ease the glass jar off her neck without having to break it and risk getting tiny fragments of glass into her fur. Miracoulsly, she had no wounds or injuries.
She made a very quick recovery and was returned to her home a few hours later to be reunited with her feline family. She was soon tucking into a meal.
Erin who feeds the little family emailed “ The wonderful Tracey came and caught one of the strays who lives in our garden who had a glass jar round her neck. Honestly I can’t thank you enough. We love all our strays and have been so worried about Nymphie.”
This could have been a very different story had we not been called to help and is a reminder that recycling should be made animal safe for example tins should be crushed and glass jars washed so no temping morsels are left.