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Honey is a three and a half year old Bengal X. Honey's story is a sad one of owners who have made every mistake going. We know people don't like us being critical of people who have to give up their pets but this situation was entirely avoidable and entirely the creation of Honey's owners ill informed decisions.

Honey was purchased as a kitten from a breeder during the Pandemic. They kept her as a single indoor cat as their only pet. They didn't get her neutered so she kept coming into season which was frustrating and distressing for her. They then decided to breed from her so they sent her to a cattery for several weeks where she was mated by a 'stud' cat. She came home again and gave birth to two kittens. Honey's owners held a noisy children's party in the house and allowed the children to look at Honey and her new kittens. Panicking and trying to protect her kittens Honey's maternal instincts kicked in and she flew at the guests scratching and biting an adult and a child. Her owners shut the door of the room she was in and would not go in again. After two days a local vet nurse was told of the situation and went round to feed hungry who was by now very hungry and still distressed. Honey's owners started contacting animal charities desperate for help. We collected a very angry and distressed Honey and her two kittens. As far as her owners were concerned Honey had gone crazy but all of Honey's problems were caused by their decisions.

Honey and her two kittens have been cared for in one of our very experienced foster homes. Their care was challenging as the kittens became unwell and required supplement feeding and intensive hand rearing.

Away from her kittens, Honey is much calmer and has been neutered which has helped to settle her hormones as well as preventing the risk of further pregnancies. Honey is now a lot calmer although she is not keen on other cats so will require a new home where she is the only cat.   She is seeking an understanding adult home, we think she would benefit from a home with garden access for once she feels ready to explore the outdoors.

To enquire about Honey please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please include a contact tel no. Our Rescue Centre reception is also now open every Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 1p.m and 5p.m for potential adopters to drop in to meet us for an initial chat about adopting one or more of our cats. Our address is 233-235, Lewisham Way SE4 1UY - please bring a donation of cat food to help us feed our rescue cats!