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Six beautiful but shy young adult cats have come into our care after their owner did not neuter their cats and ended up with too many cats.  We neutered and returned 8 cats back to their care and have rehomed a litter of kittens.  These cats are seeking new homes in pairs, two have been fortunate enough to find a new home and there are still four more seeking homes in pairs.

They have come from a domestic home but are a bit shy because their owner had more cats than they could give enough individual attention to, our staff and volunteers do spend as much time as they can with them but they are now at the stage where they just need homes of their own, more space and the time they need to decide to be friendly with people.  They are very curious, sit at the front of their cattery pen, play and sniff our hands and are open to gentle strokes at mealtimes, their confidence continues to grow but will increase in a new home with a little time and patience.

Rescue minded adult homes with eventual garden access via a cat flap are sought.

To enquire about these cats please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Because our cats are rescued we do like to meet potential adopters this can either be at your home (home visit) or via a video call e.g WhatsApp this is an informal visit to provide advice about caring for cats or kittens e.g health care, feeding, settling in and also an opportunity for us to feel reassured that you could provide a good home.

Following a successful home assessment we can make an appointment for you to come and meet our cats.

We are prioritising homes that are local to our centres.  Lewisham Branch  Homing catchment area: All SE London and BR (Bromley) postcodes. Also N.Kent (Welling, Bexley, Sidcup, Swanley, Dartford), Croydon and SW London (SW8, SW9, SW2, SW11, SW4, SW12, SW16) If you can offer a home to a 'harder to rehome' cat we will consider homes outside our usual rehoming areas.

Our reception is also now open every Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 1p.m and 5p.m for prospective adopters to come and have an initial chat with our Homing staff and volunteers about adopting our cats and meet a few cats prior to a home assessment.  Celia Hammond Animal Trust 233-235, Lewisham Way, London SE4 1UY - please use the vet clinic entrance.  Thank you