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Thaila has the unfortunate title of being our current longest stay cat and  is seeking a new home someone very special who wants a larger than character, all be it in very fluffy but small cat package, to share their home!

Thalia's early life saw her being past from pillar to post and we don't think she was always treated with kindness sadly! She was initially very hostile to us and it was found she was suffering from a sore back due to an old injury she is having daily anti inflammatory pain killers which had hugely helped and she is now a cheeky, playful and  very sweet little cat....on her own terms of course! She is can also be very reactive and will not hesitate to give us a swipe if she is feeling worried or cornered but she will quickly calm down and  come back for treats and  doesn't hold grudgers for long! 

Thalia's ideal owner will be someone with experience in caring for a cat "with character" and  not too easily frightened by  a little Diva! She has come on so much with us and we think she will make the most genuinely wonderful, funny and lovely companion. Thali doe not enjoy the company of other animals and  would be best in an adult only household. She can be homed under our long term foster scheme and we can provide her veterinary care  for her existing issue via our vets. We are seeking a home local to Greenacres so we can help with grooming as required as again she can be rather feisty with grooming as and  when required. If you think you may be able to give this deserving diva the home she deserves please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!