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*** Update 7/11/20 All remaining members of family now reserved***  These cats are fairly relaxed around people but not really keen to be friends with us so would probably be best having a garden home, where they could play and explore and will readily chase off mice in exchange for food and a cosy corner in a outbuilding or shed. We feel they would be able to live comfortably alongside existing amenable house cats.

We were called out to a group of cats after their previous owner had callously moved away and left them to fend for themselves with no shelter or food source while the poor souls were trying to care for their young kittens. The group is made up of adults and a number of teenage kittens as well as some tiny kittens who had very sadly perished before we were made aware of their plight. The cats were terrified, starving and crying pitifully at neighbours doors becoming increasingly desperate for help. Once made aware of the problem we managed to quickly bring all the surviving cats and kittens to safety.  homes but would be fine with other cats.

To enquire about these little ones or any of the other cats we have please contact us on 01424 882198 or email greenacresrehomingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please include a contact number.

We have many more cats available for adoption than those shown on our website. Please get in touch to have a chat