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Hope, or Hopie as she is called by her foster carer, is a shy, sweet, playful young cat who responds with affection to patience and kindness, initally on her own terms until she feels safe with you. Having endured multiple traumas, including the loss of her front right leg, she is very nervous and will likely take a while to trust and might always be an anxious cat. She has done exceptionally well in her foster home and has proved to be keen to relate as long as it’s on her own terms. She needs a single person home without other pets. Because she is young and stays indoors she will need dedicated playtime every day. She is most active in the evening and playing has been a good way to bond with her as well. She will need a lot of patience and someone who will not take her sometimes unpredictable moods personally. She does not scratch or bite but will run away and hide in her safe place if she feels in any way threatened; there are many unknown triggers for this. In her foster home she has shown to recover more quickly to these anxiety triggers over time, as well as demonstrating that with loving reassurance, she will adjust, and wants to be loving and affectionate when feeling safe. It’s possible she may never sit on your lap but she may well do in time. There is a lot we don’t know about her, but her foster carer has found her easy to love and keen to reciprocate affection when she feels safe. She is currently an indoor cat because of her history but may benefit from having access to safe enclosed garden that she could enjoy once she is well settled and feeling safe and loved in her new home or we would consider a fully indoor home if windows and so on can be secure.

To find out more about Hope please give us a call on 014242 882198 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.