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**April 24 Aster is still patiently waiting for a  new home**

Aster was reported to us as a stray, having found her way into a garden that had a fencing system to keep the resident cats in, often these don't stop outside cats getting in...but once in poor girl couldn't get out! She was terrified and the homeowner couldn't get anywhere near her to help her back out, she dashed under the decking when they opened the door and there was no gate to allow her to escape on her own. After weeks feeding and  trying to befriend her with of no progress someone gave them our phone number and we were able to trap her and  bring her in to the centre.

During the time she was stuck in the garden no one had been advertising or reported her to any lost and found registers, so we were fairly sure  she didn't have a home, and  with no microchip or clue to where she came from we have had to assume she no longer had a home. It has taken several months for this sweet little lady to come out of her shell, she is still very shy with new people and  hides herself away in her blanket den but with the people she trusts she is just adorable, we think she is like a tiny bear,  she even ' huffs' a greeting to you and is just a hilarious character. Like most abandoned cats she just needs someone to show her some kindness and patience (and Dreamies!), we know she will make the most engaging and  happy little companion, ideally without younger children or other pets so she can gain her confidence in quieter environment.

To find out more about Aster please call us on 01424 882198 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.