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We were called and asked to collect a cat after his owner had just been evicted and with no place to go and were forced to leave him behind. The landlord tried to catch the cat to put him outside but couldn’t get him so we were called in, thank goodness, as they told us the he had never been outdoors before! By the stage we were called this poor cat had seen his owners removed and been chased half the day by strangers and he was extremely stressed and it was a challenge even for us but we were able to safely get him into a carrier and  bring him back to Greenacres. We were unable to contact his owner so don't know anything more about his history or even his name but we decided he looked like a Walter so that was his new name. Poor Walter was very stressed and clearly was traumatised and wouldn't let us anywhere near him for many weeks but slowly we have gained his trust and as he came out of his shell it was clear he was a lovely, friendly boy but he can still be fearful and then defensive at times and so will require a calm and experienced home Walter does not like other cats, he be could either be homed as an indoor only cat or with access to a garden and if safe and  well away from roads and  other hazards.

To find out more about Walter or any of our many other cats please call 01424 882198 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.