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News: Animal Clinics, Appeals and Sanctuaries

Latest News and Events from around the charity

Welcome to our News section featuring our two London veterinary hospitals and rescue centres, our Headquarters in Wadhurst, East Sussex, our Sanctuary near Hastings and our Tunbridge Wells branch

Florence, George and Olive need new homes!

Florence, George and Olive are adorable 9 week old cross-breed puppies.

Florence, George and Olive are adorable 9 week old cross-breed puppies currently at our East Sussex sanctuary in Brede, nr Hastings.

These three adorable cross-breed puppies are each looking for a loving home and all already have distinctive temperaments!

Florence (female - white face, laying down) will need to be kept occupied and is very clever/mischievous
George (male - with blue eye) is a bit of a clown
Olive (female - brindle) is very relaxed

A condition of homing one of these puppies will be that they are enrolled in puppy classes, and we would hope that new owners would continue with agility classes etc. as the pups move into adulthood.

These adorable puppies are showing signs of having great training potential and will make excellent family pets in the right environment.

To enquire about Florence, George or Olive please contact our sanctuary via 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org (please include a contact telephone number!)

Florence, George and Olive
Noella & Hazel


This Sunday our supporters Noella & Hazel will be taking on a grueling challenge by running 26.2 miles in the Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of CHAT!

With the funds that Noella & Hazel have raised so far, we could neuter vaccinate & microchip FORTY cats ready to be homed - it is truly an incredible achievement!

They have currently reached 91% of their fundraising target and it would be fantastic if some of our Facebook supporters could help them reach 100% by Sunday and give them a rel boost ahead of the race!

If you would like to show your support then you can visit their JustGiving page via: http://www.justgiving.com/Hazel-Ward0Noella-Kivlehan2 and it will be sure to make a real difference to the cats & kittens under our care, no matter how large or small your donation!

All staff & volunteers at CHAT would like to wish Noella & Hazel the very best of luck on the day, and we would like to pass on just how grateful we are for their fundraising efforts!

Ingrid Fuzjiko Hemming

A big thank you to Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming!

We would like to thank Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming for her fantastic concert which raised funds for animal charities including CHAT!

Celia and Sue from CHAT went and it was a magical evening of wonderful music from Fuzjiko and Vasko Vassilev, the inspirational violinist.

Thank you once more to Fuzjiko and Vasko for putting on this concert, and for the funds raised on the evening!

Cassie the cat 8

We've added more items to our online gift shop!

We've added lots more items to our online gift shop including this adorable 'Cassie the Cat' 8" plush toy!

From the 'Get Well Friends' range by award-winning children's author Kes Gray and talented British illustrator Mary McQuillan

The range encourages learning and care values among children of all ages, and Cassie the Cat (for obvious reasons!) is our personal favourite!

A truly wonderful 8" plush toy for all children and a great way to encourage them to care for animals....and your money will go towards caring for our very own cats & kittens!

To see Cassie and our other new items visit our online gift shop

Moon'Opoly 2014

MOON’OPOLY MOONRIDE (Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th July 2014)

Take part in this themed cycle ride through the Capital; around the streets and stations made famous during your childhood. This overnight cycle starts in Southwark; a quick visit to the Old Kent Road and a trip north over Tower Bridge to Fenchurch Street Station – is only the start of our night time journey... This isn’t your usual cycle though – we want you to ‘take a chance’ and win the final Community Chest!

This 50 mile route is split into two stages, following London’s most iconic streets. Cycle into the shadows of the city’s towering structures, passing The Shard and The Gherkin to name a few! Parade into the grand west end, pedalling past Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and much more. Rest stops are situated halfway through each loop, to help you refuel and sort any repairs to bike and body!

Important Info:
• London’s Moon’opoly themed cycle ride – 50 miles, for all abilities & bikes (minimum participant age 16 years)
• £39 to register, with £200 minimum fundraising target for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust
• Join as an individual or as a team of friends & family.
• Fully signed route (reflective signage + glow sticks) & route map.
• Entertainment throughout the ride.
• Rest stop at the half way point – back at Go! Free snacks & hot drinks here.
• Professional mobile bike mechanics, medics, event doctor.
• A finisher’s breakfast, glass of fizz & medal.
• And much more!

Be part of the Moonriders attempting this Moon’opoly themed route to raise money for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

To sign up for Moon’opoly today, please click here to visit the Moon'opoly websiteand select Celia Hammond Animal Trust from the drop-down menu!

Please contact fundraising@celiahammond.org or call David on 01892 783367 with any questions at all!

A mum & kittens at our Lewisham branch


Our Lewisham branch are in desperate need of clean towels and bedding (no duvets though as these are very hard to clean) for our cats and kittens.

Do you have any spare towels or bedding that you could drop off to our Lewisham branch?

The clinic is able to accept any donations from Monday to Friday 9am-6.30pm and Saturday's from 1pm-5pm. The clinic is based at 233-235 Lewisham Way, London SE4 1UY.

In exceptional circumstances we may be able to collect but we try to keep the use of our vehicles for our rescue and homing work so would really appreciate any items dropped off to us....please also remember to leave your name & e-mail address so that we can thank you!

Thank you!

Petition to stop animal testing by MSD Animal Health

The BUAV have launched their ‘Born to Die’ petition and we would like to encourage our supporters to sign the petition calling for MSD Animal Health to stop the testing and killing of puppies, kittens and other young animals.

The petition page includes a link to an undercover video made by the BUAV which we are aware is EXTREMELY distressing. We do not like to share graphic images with our supporters but Celia Hammond, our Founder Trustee, explains why we have shared this particular petition with you.

''We do not want to upset our supporters, but this is something so important that is happening in our country and that we can do something about. The British Public needs to make their voices heard and show that this sort of animal experimentation is not acceptable. You do not need to watch the video but we are looking for all of our supporters to sign this petition and share it with anyone who cares about animals as much as they do, so that we can bombard MSD Animal Health and make our voices heard.''

Please click on the link below to reach the petition page.

We do not often share these sorts of petitions with our supporters, but how do you feel about us sharing this with you? Would you like us to share more petitions on this page? Please make your comments below and let us know.

*Please be aware that the video on the petition page does contain images which are very distressing*



Hazel & Noella

Noella and Hazel are hoping to raise £2,000 for CHAT!

Noella, one of our long term supporters, and her friend Hazel are going to be running the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon for CHAT and are hoping to raise a fantastic £2,000 for the cats and kittens under our care!

With 8 weeks to go, they are both hard at work training and we need our supporters to come forward and support their brilliant challenge via the Just Giving website.

You can donate via Noella and Hazel's JustGiving page by clicking here, or pasting this link into your browser: http://www.justgiving.com/Hazel-Ward0Noella-Kivlehan2

All donations, no matter how large or small, will be truly appreciated by all of the cats & kittens under our care and by Noella and Hazel. So please, if you can, donate towards their challenge and show your support today!

All the staff and volunteers at CHAT would like to thank Noella & Hazel for taking on this challenge, and would like to wish them both the best of luck.

Fairlight at our sanctuary

Appeal for Fairlight at our Sanctuary

2 year old Farlight was living as a stray when he was seen sneaking into somebody's house to steal their cat's food but seemed to be having real trouble eating.

Now under the care of our East Sussex sanctuary, we have discovered that Fairlight has re-absorbed lesions in all of his teeth. This is a painful condition that makes eating difficult and so he needs an operation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have a specialist dental x-ray machine at the Trust and so he needs to go to a dentist referall practice at a cost of around £800 to the charity.

We have booked this operation in for tomorrow (6th February) as Fairlight really can't wait, and it would be lovely if any of our supporters would be happy to contribute towards the substantial cost of this treatment - which will ensure that this young, happy cat can live a long and happy life.

Donations of any value really are appreciated and will truly help.

Fairlight really is an adorable cat who loves dogs, cats and humans equally and we will of course keep you up to date with his progress.


JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Three cats dumped in Wentworth Road E12

Feb 4th : Abandoned in the road!!!!

What is wrong with people!!?!! These three cats were discovered this morning just dumped in the road!

A resident of Wentworth Road, London, E12 came out of his house and discovered them there. He took a photo on his phone, then placed the cats in box with some food and started contacting charities for help.
The three cats have now just arrived at our Canning Town Branch. They are absolutely emaciated, like little skeletons, they appear to be only about 5 months old.
Abandoned cats 2 Later this morning we were contacted by a woman who had found two more cats.

Two cats of the same colouring were found by a woman cowering together on the ground in Essex Road London E12 early this morning. They ware also thin and had wet, urine and faeces soaked tummies and feet just like the three found in Wentworth Road. She took them straight to her own vet and will be giving them a new home herself.

UPDATE 7TH FEB: MORE CATS SIMILARLY DUMPED IN E12 ! Yesterday morning another thin grey/white cat was found huddled in the gutter in Capel Road E12. He was brought into us, he was in similar condition, thin and dirty underneath.
Today another thin grey/white cat was discovered hiding under a bush in a front garden in Capel Road, one of our rescue team attended to collect this cat and conducted a search of front gardens in the street and found yet another thin grey/white cat who also had a urine stained tummy and feet. These three new cats are now reunited at Canning Town Branch and were very relieved to be back together and to be fed a good meal.

Where are these cats coming from? Are there more out there? If only we could find out who is abandoning them we will help - please! - we will take them in! Its so frightening for the cats to find themselves abandoned like this. They don't appear to know what to do, it's like they are 'frozen' to the ground in fear. Maybe they have never been outside?

Dumped cats UPDATE 13TH FEB: Here are the six grey/white cats that are in our care after being discovered dumped in three different locations in Manor Park.

They have all gained some weight but are still scared of space and still cling to each other for comfort.

Today they were well enough to be neutered and have also been microchipped and received their first vaccinations.

We are now starting to think about homing them. They need to be homed in pairs (or more!) as they are so dependent on each other.
They will need understanding and patient new owners to help them to regain trust and confidence with people.

We think they would be very happy to be indoor only cats, but they could go to homes with eventual access to a garden but would need to kept indoors for a long time initially until they have settled.

We are still appealing for people living in the Manor Park, London E12 area to please be vigilant as we are concerned as to whether any further cats were also abandoned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We are so sad to bring you the news that Joan Twinam, a much valued supporter of the Trust for over 20 years, passed away on Sunday January 5th.

We first met Joan and her husband Bill in 1991, when Bill whose whole working life was spent as a crane driver on the docks in East London, had to give up work when the docks closed for redevelopment. Bill had been feeding a large colony of around 40 cats for several years on the docks and had done his best to find homes for numerous kittens constantly being born.

Bill and Joan tried every avenue to get help to get all the cats to safety after the closure of the docks, but with no success. He and Joan went every evening to feed them all for months after he left work. Eventually, Bill was given our phone number by another charity and we arranged to meet him down at the docks. We managed, over a couple of weeks, to trap all the cats and a large number of kittens, get them neutered and vaccinated and took them to our sanctuary in East Sussex. Over a period of several months, we managed to home them all - the friendlier ones into homes and the wild ones to farms, stables and smallholdings.

From that time Joan and Bill became staunch supporters of CHAT - holding raffles, jumble sales, growing plants to sell, collecting good to sell in our shop from friends and neighbours - and raised enough money to build a range of cattery pens at the sanctuary.

They also donated a substantial amount of money in 1998 to enable us to complete the purchase of our Canning Town clinic. After Bill passed away, Joan devoted all her time to supporting the Trust in any way she could.

We and the cats she loved so much have lost a very dear friend and she will be sorely missed by us all.


The Grand Union Challenge Event


WALK IT, JOG IT, or RUN IT. New for 2014, 100 km, 50 km, or 25 km along the historic Grand Union Canal, a hidden green corridor that winds its way from the heart of London out towards the Chilterns. The scenery will surprise you - its London’s best kept secret! The Challenge will inspire you!

Most will walk it at their own pace, some will jog parts of it, and others will run the full 100 km ultra marathon style! A test of stamina and determination, but with a focussed training plan and great on-event support including food & drink stops, medics & massage – it is achievable. You can choose to do the full 100km challenge or take - on the 50 km or 25 km options; however you choose to do it, there’s a challenge to suit you.

• 100 km – Paddington to Bletchley- a tough 24 hr endurance walk & an ultra marathon run
• 50 km - 2 options - Paddington to Watford & Watford to Bletchley. Daytime walk or run
• 25 km – Four 25km options to suit all!

Choose your distance, set your own target time. This is your challenge, your way & help raise funds for CHAT

Visit the Grand Union Challenge website for more information and to sign up - and please remember to select Celia Hammond Animal Trust as your chosen charity!

Christmas food!


Elena adopted Jake and Elwood the cats from us last year and for Christmas she decided to help support our cats Christmas food appeal.

Elena and her colleagues collected this enormous pile of cat food, treats, bedding and toys which Jake and Elwood are proudly displaying in this photo!

Elena also raised a fantastic £581.58 + £118.25 gift aid via her JustGiving page!!
Pets at Home Eltham


Fragrant Paws Candle

You can now pay for your gift shop purchases online!

We've launched our brand new gift shop range for Christmas 2013, and you can now complete your purchases online!

The new range includes this lovely Fragrant Paws Candle (pictured). This beautifully scented candle is from the Fragrant Paws range, designed and developed in the UK by Arora Design.

The hand poured, soy based candle is presented in an illustrated glass depicting an array of lovable dogs and is supplied in a kennel shaped gift box.

Two fragrances are available:

Cottage Garden Cats: Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry & Vanilla
Winter Whiskers: Cinnamon, Clove, Sweet Orange & Vanilla

To see the full range of new gifts please look at our Gift Shop page

Natalie with the staff at Eltham Pets at Home


Pets at Home In Eltham supporting C.H.A.T....

Natalie from our Lewisham Branch visited the recently newly opened Pets at Home Store in Eltham on Saturday.

Natalie attended with our information display boards and was able to chat to customers about our work, promote neutering and discuss our rescued cats that need new homes.

Thank you Eltham Pets at Home we look forward to your continued support!
River Thames cats

Three cats found "dumped in the river Thames" are now at our Canning Town branch

October 17th 2013

We received an alarming telephone call from a man who said he had found a sack containing three cats in the River Thames.

The gentleman involved reported that he was walking his dog in East London when he came across the sack. Once he realised that there were cats inside he quickly moved to rescue them. He said that he had called numerous charities to ask if they could take the cats in, but had no luck and was about to leave them outside of a rescue center out of sheer desperation.

Luckily, he then called us and we suggested that he brought the cats straight into the clinic.
The man reported that the sack was bone dry, so we think that somebody could have thrown the cats off the jetty when the tide was out, and so when the tide came in they would have drowned! If this is the case, then this man’s actions saved their lives and we will now be able to provide them with the care they need and deserve.

There is no excuse for anybody to abandon animals in boxes or sacks etc - there is help out there. We, at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, always offer help to people via our low cost neutering service so that they can keep control of the number of cats in their household and prevent cats being born when there are no homes available.

These three female cats are now safe and cared for. Our vets have discovered that Sandy, the smallest kitten, unfortunately has a congenital abnormality in her front legs* and will need an indoor only home. The mother cat, Mandy, is expectedly anxious and distressed following her ordeal but is receiving the care that she needs; Aqua, the older kitten is coping well and is very friendly.

* We initially thought that Sandy had injured her legs in the fall, but our vets have confirmed that she has a congenital abnormality

To enquire about Mandy, Sandy and Aqua, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send CHAT an email to canningtown@celiahammond.org [Please include a contact phone number]

Gert recovering at our Lewisham clinic

Gert's dramatic house fire rescue...

October 2013

Gert is an owned and much loved cat who has survived a terrible ordeal this week. Tragically there was a fire at her home and her distraught owner couldn't get through the flames to rescue her and she was trapped. The fire service managed to get the fire under control and enter the property, but Gert was laying motionless inside the house...

Firemen brought Gert to the safety of the outside , but she wasn't breathing. At this stage, they took the decision to attempt to resuscitate Gert at the roadside and incredbily she started to breathe !

The paramedics arrived at the scene, and alongside the fire service they continued to treat her, she was then taken to a private veterinary surgery where she was placed in an oxygen tent for two days. Unfortunately as if things couldn't t get much worse, the vet bill quickly became too much for the owners to cope with and so they called our Canning Town veterinary clinic for help. However, they already had both their oxygen tents in use by other animals in need so she was instead transferred into our Lewisham vet clinic where we are able to offer low cost veterinary care for people unable to afford private veterinary fees.

When she arrived she was totally unable to move but with the skill and dedication of our veterinary team, who inserted a tube from her oesophagus to her stomach, fed her every two hours during the day, and also gave her physiotherapy Gert is now recovering well and is able to move all her legs and hold herself on her sternum. She can pull herself back into her kennel, and lick food (although she's not strong enough yet to actually take any in).

Everyone involved is incredibly grateful to the fire service and paramedics for helping Gert in the first instance, and we are all hoping that she can now continue to improve under our care.

We will, of course, keep you up to date on her progress...

We can rescue them, only you can save them.
Help save a life today, please donate
to us online via the

open days


Lewisham Branch Rescue Centre is open every Saturday afternoon between 1p.m and 5p.m!

This will be an opportunity for people who are interested in offering a new home to one or more of our rescued cats to come and meet us to discuss further about adopting cats and to meet some of our many rescued cats who are seeking new homes.

Offers of homes will be visited (home visit) prior to actual adoption to provide any advice required about settling in and caring for cats and kittens and to assess suitability.
(We routinely rehome domestic cats and kittens throughout all S.E postcode areas, S.W postcodes and into North Kent - but can often home further afield - particularly further south into Kent and Sussex and parts of Surrey - if you live further afield and are interested in offering a home please contact us first to check if we can reach you.

Offers of homes and enquiries can also still made throughout the week via email : lewisham@celiahammond.org or by phone: 020 8694 6545 - please leave a message if answer machine is on as we are often out on home visits or attending to the cats but will call you back as soon as we can.

Lewisham Branch 233-235, Lewisham Way, London SE4 1UY (nr Junction with Friendly Street SE8)
Parking in local side streets.

Our staff, volunteers and cats look forward to meeting you!

Nayme and Mimi


Some of you may recall that back in May we appealed for help to find a foster carer for 11 year old Mimi after she and her owner were made homeless.

Our Canning Town Branch had been contacted by a charity that helps homeless people to ask if we could help a lady who had nowhere to live and had been carrying her cat, Mimi, around in a cat carrier for the last six weeks. Mimi's owner Nayme had been offered accommodation in hostels for herself but never anywhere she could have Mimi with her.
She spent her days traveling round London by bus with Mimi and
went by train every night to Heathrow where she and Mimi, still in her cat carrier, spent the night in the airport before traveling back on the train to London each morning.

Once a day, she had taken Mimi to a grassy area where she went to the toilet. The lady was determined not to part with Mimi as she was the most important thing in her life but the day we received the call to help, Mimi had been chased under a stationary bus by some children when she had been let out to toilet and the lady had terrible trouble getting her back in her basket. She realised she could no longer manage and agreed that the charity could call us.

Mimi did stay at our Canning Town Branch rather than being fostered because we were concerned that she was losing weight. Our vets diagnosed a thyroid problem and Mimi had surgery to remove both thyroid glands.

Mimi's owner Nayme has now found a new home and Mimi and Nayme are so happy to be back together and we are happy to have helped reunite them.


August 2013: We had a phone call recently that a ginger cat was hiding under a car in the street. The caller said that he looked in a bad way and had blood on his neck.

One of our rescue workers went straight out to him and managed with difficulty, as he was terrified, to entice him out and safely into a carrier.
We were appalled to find, when the vet examined him back at the clinic, that the poor cat had hideous wounds around his neck. These terrible injuries must have been sustained at least several days previously as these infected wounds were fly-blown and crawling with maggots.

We honestly didn't know if Frankie, as we called him, could survive what had happened to him but we had to try to save him. We removed all the maggots, cleaned and dressed his hideous wounds and put him on a drip and antibiotics.

After even two days, Frankie looked a little brighter and his wounds less infected - he was a fighter and clearly wanted to live. We even got a little purr out of him.

After two weeks treatment Frankie seemed a little brighter and his wounds were no longer infected.

After two further weeks of intensive treatment and dressing changes, brave Frankie has made amazing progress. He knows we're trying to help him and has become a friendly boy.

He has recently had some surgery to debulk the scarring that was forming around his neck and causing constriction.

We still need to treat Frankie for the time being but will post updates about him and decide when we feel he'll be ready for us to think about a new, loving home for him.

We felt it important to share Frankie's story with you our supporters to let you know why your generous support is so vital in helping fund our rescue work with vulnerable abandoned and stray cats like Frankie.

However we do not wish to cause upset to anyone who would rather not see the photo's of Frankie's injuries so we haven't put them on this page but photos may be seen by clicking the link below.

Please be aware that these are very distressing pictures.

Please Click Here to read more about Frankie's ordeal and see photos of his injuries when he arrived and during healing.

We can rescue them, only you can save them.
Help save a life today, please donate
to us online via the

Bin kittens


5th Aug: Last Thursday we took in 10 kittens who were lucky to be alive after a passer by heard kittens crying and tracked them down to a large wheelie bin near some flats.

Inside the bin were 10 kittens running amongst boxes and rubbish bags!

Six kittens were only about 4 weeks old and are now being cared for in a foster home where they are having to be partially hand reared.

The other four kittens who are only about 6 weeks old are in our rescue centre.

These kittens mothers must be frantic searching for their kittens and will also most likely develop mastitis as a result of having all their kittens taken away so young all at once.

We have put posters up in the area appealing for the person who owned these kittens to please contact us so that we can neuter the mother cats or otherwise they will just have more litters.

Greenwich Park dog event

Photos from The Greenwich Park Community Fun Event on Sunday July 21st

Lewisham Branch had a stall at The Greenwich Park Community Fun Event on Sunday July 21st which was organised by The Dog Society GB.

More photos can be seen here:



12th July: Cats are seasonal breeders and typically produce two litters a year - Spring and Summer.

July and August are the height of the kitten season and we have plenty of weaned Spring born kittens ready and waiting for new homes and now Summer born litters are arriving.

Our London Branches have now run out of foster homes so we are now appealing to recruit some more to help accommodate incoming litters of unweaned kittens.

Do you live locally to our Branches? Could you help look after a family until they are weaned and ready for new homes?

If you already have your own animals a spare room will be needed. We will provide food and litter (-if required) and plenty of advice and support.

Please contact your local Branch of CHAT if you can help.

Thank you.
Snip and Chip


Lewisham Branch staff and volunteers will be visiting the Bellingham estate, London SE6 this Wednesday evening (10th July) distributing information leaflets and chatting to anyone who would like to speak to us about neutering and microchipping their pets.

Lewisham Branch Celia Hammond Animal Trust and South East London Branch RSPCA have joined forces to try and tackle the problem of huge numbers of kittens and puppies being born for whom there simply are not enough homes for.

The CHIP AND SNIP scheme is available for pets whose owners live in an S.E postcode area and entitles pet owners on benefits or a low income to FREE neutering and a microchip for cats ! and for dogs neutering and a microchip for just £50 !

Neutering pets to prevent so many litters being born is the only humane solution.

We can assist with transporting pets to and from our clinic for neutering and with multi pet households.

Please do contact us in advance if you would like us to specifically visit you or a neighbour.

UPDATE 12th JULY: Five members of Lewisham Branch staff headed out to Bellingham on Wednesday evening to distribute leaflets and chat to pet owning residents.

It had been a very hot day and there were quite a few people out and about and in their front gardens which gave us the opportunity to talk to plenty of people as well as meet numerous cats as well as dogs.

Offers of Free cat neutering were especially well received and we now have a list of owned and stray cats to neuter.

Several dog owners were also interested in getting their dogs neutered although we did meet a couple of people who were adamant that they were going to breed their dogs. We explained about how many dogs there are in rescue centres and how many end up put to sleep because there are no homes for them and also left information with them and can only hope they think about what we said and decide to be responsible and neuter their pets.

It was hard work but very productive - we covered about 3/4 of the estate on Wednesday evening and two people returned again yesterday evening to continue with the last few roads.

In total over 2000 Chip and Snip leaflets will have been distributed so lets hope that we can make a difference here.

Homes Appeal posters

New Posters - Homes Needed Posters!

Volunteer Azem has very generously taken the time to help design a series of posters for CHAT using some really beautiful photos that have been taken of our cats by our volunteers and foster carers.

The posters appeal for new homes for our rescued cats that are cared for at our both of our London Branches.

Could you help us appeal for more offers of homes for our cats for instance by displaying a poster in your workplace or local community centre, vets waiting room or pet food supplier etc to help us attract more offers of homes?

Please email lewisham@celiahammond.org and we can email you a printable copy of these posters.
Chip and Snip

"SNIP AND CHIP" - An exciting promotion to neuter and microchip cats and dogs in S.E London.....

Celia Hammond Animal Trust Lewisham Branch have joined forces with RSPCA South East London Branch as part of their "Snip and Chip" scheme.

The scheme which starts on June 1st enables owners who are in receipt of certain benefits and live in an S.E postcode area to have their cats neutered and microchipped free of charge!

Dogs can be neutered and microchipped at a special reduced cost rate of £50.

Owners need to receive one or more of the following benefits: Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit or
Employment & Support Allowance (Income based).

Neutering for South East London cats and dogs will be at Celia Hammond Animal Trust Veterinary Clinic at 233-235, Lewisham Way SE4 1UY - to make an appointment to have your pet neutered under this scheme please phone us on 020 8691 2100
Plumstead Make Merry

Lewisham Branch at recent events

Lewisham Branch recently attended the Plumstead Make Merry festival in S.E.18 and even though at one point there was a very heavy downpour of rain there was much interest in our stall.

We were promoting the Chip and Snip neutering scheme and Daphne the dog who belongs to Lesley our rescue and homing manager joined in with helping to chat to local dog (and cat) owners about the importance of neutering.

Hilly Fields
On Saturday 22nd April Natalie from Lewisham Branch attended the annual Hillyfields fair in Brockley SE4 with our stall.....
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Mum and her babies

18th April: Abandoned in a Wheelie bin...

A young mother cat and her 5 tiny kittens were rescued yesterday evening from inside a wheelie bin in South London.

The drama unfolded on the Mumsnet forum site where someone posted: "I was walking back to the office today and heard a quiet mewing. I walked over to a wheely bin and saw a cat in there with two or three kittens. She was feeding them and looked perfectly happy.
I called the council's animal welfare unit and they said they were just closing and couldn't get out to the cat. They did tell me it's bin collection tomorrow, though, early before they open. I'm so scared the cat will get crushed!
Is anyone in Catford, London SE6 this evening? If you are, please help. The RSPCA said to turn over the bin. I'm home alone with my child and can't leave to go back out. I will pm the address to anyone who can go."

Concerned followers of the thread posted advice and tried to find alternative help. Fortunately Amanda one of our Canning Town volunteers picked up the thread and contacted Trudi and Kelley from our Lewisham Team. They were out rescuing another cat but then quickly made their way to assist with collecting the tiny kittens and catching the mother cat.

They are now safely in our care in a foster home.



Our Sanctuary near Hastings in Sussex held an Open Day on 31st March.

Visitors came to meet cats that were seeking new homes and people who sponsored one of our lovely sanctuary resident cats came to visit their sponsor cats.

Despite the chilly Easter weather it was a very successful day with some lovely offers of homes and great people coming to meet their sponsored cats.

Twenty four sets of people arrived during the afternoon - families or individuals - around 60 people in all, so an enjoyably busy afternoon!

Faith Lee our Sanctuary volunteer photographer took some photos which we thought you might enjoy!

Visitors in the cattery chatting to staff and reading our information displays.
Sanctuary Open Day - main cattery Visitors meeting cats at the Sanctuary who are awaiting new homes.
Sanctuary Open Day Making friends...

Smoochie peers out from his pen hoping for some more interest.... he had lots!
Sanctuary - main house kitchen Tea, coffee and cakes were available in the kitchen of the main Sanctuary house enjoyed in the company of around a dozen of our friendly resident cats. We were surprised by how confident and laid back many of them were since they are not used to so many visitors.

Brian Big Head (black/ white) took a lead with the entertaining sitting on laps and asking for lots of attention - although we had to be quick to warn people to watch out because Brian can change his tune and deliver a quick nip - but today he was on his best behaviour!


Our more confident resident Sanctuary cats took a keen interest in the days proceedings and were keen to meet visitors!

Our Sanctuary homing team will be contacting everyone who has offered a home over the next few days to arrange a home visit.

Following the success of this our first ever Sanctuary Open Day we plan to hold another one soon.



At CHAT we are constantly neutering and returning feral cat colonies to situations where they will continue to be fed and kept an eye on.

If they were living somewhere dangerous for instance a location due to be demolished or if there was nobody to feed them or they are threatened by hostile humans then we take them in and rehome them in pairs or family groups to stables, smallholdings and farms.

Most of the feral cats in our care are usually strong, healthy young adult ferals and are sought after by suitable rural homes to keep rodents at bay, although the cats do have to be fed as well!

Recently though we have had to take back into our care some cats that had previously been neutered and returned, some of these cats are 10 years or more and therefore harder to rehome. Because they are taking much longer than usual to find suitable homes for they are reducing the space we have available to take in other needy cats.

1. We had to take back in a group of 22 older semi-feral cats, the majority of which are pretty toothless! They were neutered and returned to gardens in New Cross 8-10 years ago, but the lady whose garden they lived in and fed them has moved and with a property developer changing the house into flats they had to come in. They are semi-ferals as they used to pop in and out of the lady's kitchen but are not quite happy to be stroked. Being older and lacking in teeth we are unable to find a rural home who will take them on as they are not up to full mousing duties.
Cats 2. We have just had to take in 10 feral cats, including a three legged cat from Slade Green who were living in garages under blocks of flats on a Housing Estate. All the residents have been moved out and the estate is being demolished and rebuilt so the cats had to be taken in.

3. We took in 12 very nervous cats from an elderly lady who has over 50 cats in her home - we have neutered and returned all her cats and are gradually reducing her numbers by homing them - but is a slow process because they are very nervous. We consider that some of them would be better suited to an outdoor life as semi-ferals at a stables or smallholding etc.

They all require rescue minded homes who could take them on. They would be suitable for garden homes with a dry shed or outbuilding.
The most confident cats could live in indoor homes with a cat flap - again rescue minded adult only homes who don't mind shy cats.

SUPPORT CHAT would continue to provide any veterinary care required by our older 'Harder to home' feral cats, although their new owners would be expected to supply their food.

We can rehome these cats locally - to South East and South London Garden homes or to homes in Kent, Sussex and parts of Surrey.

WINTER... We don't home many feral cats during the coldest Winter months, unless there is very cosy haybarn full of hay or straw to start them off in, but with Spring hopefully not too far away we really need to start getting some of these harder to home ferals into new homes.
cat WAITING TO BE RELOCATED.. The cats pictured are waiting to come in. They have been living stray in South East London since their owner died. A local woman has been feeding them everyday but she is now moving away. A temporary volunteer feeding rota has been set up until these five cats can be found more suitable homes.

"These cats are not feral, they are very loving once they get to know and trust you, and they deserve a proper home. They belonged to a man who took care of them but who died a few years ago. Since then they have been struggling to survive in people's gardens on the estate. They have no shelter and nobody wants them there. There are three blues - a mum, Dusty, who is very shy, and her two children, a boy and a girl. There are also two young moggies, a black, and a black and white who is really affectionate."

The feeder who has looked after them after their owner died is very concerned about them. She feeds ferals all over Peckham and knows that these cats are not toughies like they are. Because they were all once housecats, they are more vulnerable. She can't take them with her when she moves because she already has 10 cats and can't take anymore.

CHAT is unable to take them at the moment because we are have no space.

Hopefully soon we shall find space, but is there anybody who can offer these beautiful cats a home? A home for three blues? Or a home for two gorgeous moggies?

They like going outside and would be very happy living in somebody's garden with proper shelter available. Please help!

We can rescue them only you can save them.
Help Save a Life Today, please donate
to us online via the

The boxes as they arrived with the cats in!

Canning Town Branch influx of abandoned cats, 13 in one day.....

These boxes were dumped in the clinic last Friday, each with a terrified cat inside.
Three days previously another three cats had been brought in
by the same man who signed them over with a false address and phone
number. Six days before that, a single cat was brought in taped up in a
box in an identical way to the next two groups of cats, and when we
checked the first address, we found that was also false, as was the
phone number. When this man came in on Friday, we challenged him about
the false addresses and he said all the cats belonged to his aunt and he had not wanted to get into trouble as she has still more cats that must be taken away from her rented house.

We now have a real phone number and address and are going to sort out a situation where a Housing Association has threatened the aunt with eviction unless all her cats are removed from the property. We deal with many situations like this and will negotiate for time to arrive at a humane solution for the cats.

The cat at 2a.m outside the Canning Town Clinic At 2am on the Friday morning a knock on the clinic door alerted us to
the fact that a cat basket had been left outside the door with a
trembling tabby cat in it - I immediately thought it must have belonged
to the two boys who knocked but they strenuously denied this. Another
cat was left outside our doors Friday evening in a plastic carrier
covered with a brightly covered bag. During the morning, three kittens,
two cats from someone who was going abroad the next day and a female
cat whose owner had recently had a baby were all brought into our
waiting room - without so much as a phone call to ask if we had anywhere
to put them.
Thirteen in one day - it is so hard to manage, but we must
take them because what would happen to them if we didn't?

Two of the rabbits back at our clinic enjoy a much needed meal

Rabbits Rescued

31st Jan: Yesterday Lewisham Branch received a call from a woman who told how she had moved into a rented property on the 7th of January and discovered a hutch in the garden containing rabbits.

She had contacted the Landlord who could not contact the previous tenant who had disappeared without trace. The Landlord advised her to contact the RSPCA or the council, she told us that she did so repeatedly but had not been able to get any help.

She had never had pets herself and had no idea how to care for rabbits. She had heard that rabbits ate carrots so she had fed them some carrots and put water in a dish. She told us she thought they needed some grass - she was referring to hay. She was doing her best but just didn't know how to look after them. She had put some barrels in front of the hutch to try and keep the foxes away.

Thankfully she was given our number and called us and we arranged to meet her there when she returned home from work at 9p.m.

The rabbits were in a relatively small two tier hutch (approx 4ft wide and 1.2ft deep) which was divided into the upper and lower sections. One rabbit (a male) was at the top and four rabbits (females) were in the bottom half. The four females had hardly any space at all.
Rabbits feet The hutch had not been cleaned at all since at least Jan 7th, so it was in a completely filthy state, there was deep compacted rabbit droppings and no bedding at all.

We safely removed the rabbits from the hutch and took them back to our Lewisham clinic.

The rabbits are quite thin and were thirsty and hungry, they immediately tucked into the hay, rabbit pellets and water we provided them with. They were all quite dirty and the four females had compacted faeces and urine caked on to their feet. One black female rabbit has ulcerated eyes.

One of our vets immediately examined the black female rabbits eyes and we made all the rabbits comfortable for the night and today soaked and washed their feet to remove the faeces.

These abandoned rabbits have suffered a terrible ordeal, kept in cramped and dirty conditions without appropriate food or water or bedding. They would have been in the hutch in the recent freezing weather as well. If it had been Summer flies would have been attracted to the smell and would have laid eggs which would have hatched into maggots and the rabbits would have become fly blown.

They are nice rabbits - actually quite friendly and all appear to be young adults. Once they have recovered sufficiently they will be neutered and will be seeking new homes.


Homing figures for 2012 for Lewisham Branch and Canning Town Branch:

Canning Town:
cats homed 2012 = 877
dogs homed 2012 = 3
rabbits homed = 1

Lewisham Branch:
cats homed = 986
dogs homed = 10
rabbits homed = 3

Combined Lewisham and Canning Town cat homing = 1863

Proposed Cat Cafe for London??!!

There have recently been articles in the news about a proposed cat cafe opening in London. What is a cat cafe you may ask? There are already cat cafes in countries such as Japan and Taiwan. The idea is that people who for one reason or another cannot have cats of their own pay to buy a cup of tea at the cafe and spend some time playing with cats.

Several people have contacted us asking for our opinion as to whether we think this is a good idea.

The proposed cafe intends to acquire 20 cats from an animal shelter, so is this in the cats best interests? Very friendly, confident cats will be required so that the cats are more likely to interact with the customers. The most friendly and confident cats in any rescue are also, due to their temperaments, the most easily homeable. Which is the best outcome for these more easily homeable cats? A home of their own, with a family or one or two owners and most likely with a garden in a residential area? Or a life in a city cat cafe with a large number of changing visitors, the company of 19 other cats and presumably an indoor only lifestyle?

Will the cafe be a cat haven or a stressful environment for the cats? The proposed cafe in question plans to have seating for 40/50 people, so, if full at times, it will be a relatively noisy and busy place to be. Cats are generally quite sensitive animals and are not keen on loud noises. Even the most friendly cats like to get to know people and form a bond or relationship with them and benefit from the stability of having consistency in knowing who 'their' humans are.
Although cats are generally quite sociable with each other and can live in groups, squabbles, bullying and stress can and does frequently occur in large multi-cat groups. Since the cats will need to be confident, friendly and 'human orientated', there are likely to be problems trying to introduce and house 20 cats together in a restricted indoor environment. Stressed out cats tend to show that they are feeling unhappy by exhibiting behaviour such as becoming withdrawn, overgrooming or urinating inappropriately - nobody will enjoy a stressed out cat peeing in their handbag!

Security has to be a real concern. The cafe is proposed to be in Old Street in London, a very busy area in the city. If any cats were to escape whilst customers came and went during the day, then the local streets would be a highly dangerous place to be, there would be a serious risk of the cats being run over. No cats should be allowed to roam in the vicinity of Old Street. We understand that apart from in the initial early stages there are not proposed to be staff on site overnight.

An alternative for cat deprived people? For years C.H.A.T and other animal charities have welcomed volunteers to come to our rescue centres and assist with the day to day care of rescued cats that are awaiting new homes, they can feed cuddle, socialise and help to calm cats that require some T.L.C, all this helps to assist rescued cats to find permanent new homes. A free cup of tea is always available! Another alternative for catless folk is to foster a homeless cat short term for a charity whilst a permanent new home is sought.

The £100,000 being sought to set this cafe up could be put to so much better use and could equally benefit rescued cats and people.

What kind stability will these cats have? A home for life? Or until the lease runs out? Or the business fails?

Cat cafes, a good idea? - We don't think so!

We would love some goodies from the WishList!

Celia Hammond Animal Trust Amazon Wish List.....

We are always grateful for donations of cat food and bedding. We have created a wish List on Amazon to make it easy to donate some of the items we really need.

Christmas 2013: Since Christmas is nearly here we have added a few interesting cat toys that would make great presents for our rescued cats and kittens who are awaiting new homes.

We have already received some gifts via the Amazon wish list. Thank you so much to those who have brought gifts of food and toys for the cats. Gifts can be sent to our Animal Sanctuary in Brede or either of our two London rescue centres, Lewisham or Canning Town, you need to select your chosen centre on the first amazon page your are linked to (shown on the left) Heres wishing for lots of goodies to spoil all the rescued cats still waiting for their forever homes.

Click Here for Celia Hammond Animal Trust AMAZON WISH LIST

Tote bag

Gifts for people and cats....

Kathy one of Lewisham Branches dedicated volunteer foster carers and animal carers has just opened an online shop which sells cat toys and cotton tote bags that she has made.

Kathy will be donating all the profits to CHAT.


Kathy's hoping the bags will be of interest to CHAT supporters as they're cat rescue-themed!

Text donation


Please remember all our hungry moggies and help buy our rescued cats who are awaiting new homes at our rescue centres and Sanctuary a Dinner!!




Shop Online and Raise Money!

Have you heard about easyfundraising yet? It’s the easiest way to help raise money for Celia Hammond Animal Trust! If you already shop online with retailers such as Amazon, M&S, Argos, John Lewis, Comet, Vodafone, eBay, Boden and Play.com, then we need you to sign up for free to raise money while you shop!

So how does it work?

You shop directly with the retailer as you would normally, but if you sign up to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/celiahammondat for free and use the links on the easyfundraising site to take you to the retailer, then a percentage of whatever you spend comes directly to us at no extra cost to yourself.

How much can you raise?

Spend £100 with M&S online or Amazon and you raise £2.50 for us. £100 with WH Smith puts £2.00 in our pocket and so on. There's over 2,000 retailers on their site, and some of the donations can be as much as 15% of your purchase.

Save money too!

easyfundraising is FREE to use plus you'll get access to hundreds of exclusive discounts and voucher codes, so not only will you be helping us, you’ll be saving money yourself.

We signed up with easyfundraising on 21st May and need your help to start donations coming in. Sign up at http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/celiahammondat or click the banner below to start making a difference...simply by shopping.





Canning Town veterinary clinic and rescue centre have completely outgrown the building and demand for our low cost veterinary and rescue services is continuing to increase.

In 2011 we submitted plans to Newham Council for a three storey extension at the rear of the clinic. Fortunately approval was granted.

Please Click Here to read all about The Canning Town Clinic and Rescue centre Extension Project and follow the Diary of the building works


Please contact your nearest Branch of C.H.A.T for help with neutering - we also help with transporting cats to our clinics, and with catching strays.

If you are concerned about a neighbour or have obtained a kitten or puppy via an online or classified advert please contact us in confidence, if you don't wish to phone us an email is fine. We can approach the person to offer to neuter the mother cat or dog. We have a non-authoritarian, friendly and helpful approach and can assist with transportation and neutering vouchers towards or even to cover the cost.


n.b C.H.A.T is a non-destruction charity, we never put to sleep a healthy animal in care. However because of this we always have a large waiting list of cats needing to come in to await new homes and some of these cats that we don't manage to help may end up being put to sleep at private vets or at other charities that do put to sleep healthy animals because there are not enough homes for them. Therefore neutering to prevent the birth of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies is the only humane way forward.
cat cosy

Take a Peek at our new Gift Shop Goodies - hopefully you won't be able to resist a purchase or two!

Click Here for the Gift Shop - Every item purchased helps us save another animal'

Featured item Luxurious Cat Cosy only £18.99

Our cats need bedding, newspapers and scratching posts...


Bedding always needed by all our Branches for our rescued cats!

Lewisham Branch needs Old sheets, towels, fleece, throws, duvet covers, blankets etc are all needed. If you can drop it in thats great 233-235, Lewisham Way SE4 1UY open Mon - Fri 9.a.m - 7p.m or at the weekend please knock on the door or leave on the doorstep.
If you live locally and have a reasonable amount to donate a bin bag full or more we can probably collect it from you. Thank you in anticipation!!!

We also need clean newspaper which we use for lining kennels and litter trays.
Also donations of large feeding bowls (-in particular dog size bowls) etc.
Unwanted scratch posts are also much appreciated by our cats.

LEWISHAM BRANCH - Please drop donations of paper and bedding to the clinic 233-235, Lewisham Way SE4 1UY. (parking in side street- Friendly Street SE8 or stop briefly in loading bay outside clinic 10am - 4pm) Clinic open mon to fri 9am to 7pm. Weekends by arrangement or leave in entrance in tied bags. Tel 0208 691 2100 Thank you!

We can rescue them only you can save them.
Help Save a Life Today, please donate
to us online via the

A friendly staffie cross waiting for a new home.


No one living in London and increasingly elsewhere in the U.K can fail to have noticed the popularity of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffie cross breeds.

Classified ads list litter upon litter of Staffie pups for sale yet rescue centres are full of staffies and thousands are put to sleep in the U.K because they cannot be found new homes.

Unwanted Staffies are daily abandoned on the streets of London and taken to Animal shelters such as Battersea Dogs Home who also take in strays rounded up by Londons local authority animal wardens.

Stray dogs in animal pounds have just 7 days to be claimed before they can be put to sleep. PROTECT YOUR DOG (or cat!) WITH AN ID MICROCHIP. Quickly and easily implanted they provide lifelong identification for your pet. Contact C.H.A.T's veterinary clinics or your local vet for more information.

Bonnie is a loving dog.

ONGOING APPEAL!!! Dogs needing foster homes and permanent new homes.

Our London Branches do not have the facilities to care for dogs for whilst they seek new homes. Short term foster homes whilst we seek permanent new homes for any dogs that come into our care are always needed.

We can rescue them, only you can save them.
Help save a life today, please donate
to us online via the

Pancake's Rescue

This is the first of many kittens we came across when our staff arrived at a rescue in Kent just now. In the household are 30+ plus cats, both feral and domestic.

The rescue is ongoing and is going to be hugely time consuming & costly to us as all cats will need neutering and most of them will need extensive veterinary treatment.

We will keep you up to date with how the rescue progresses in the coming days.

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