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Celia Hammond Animal Trust

Our Website brings you news from around the charity, our two London clinics, East Sussex sanctuary and Tunbridge Wells branch. We hope you will enjoy our site and who knows, you may even find a new pet. If you would like any further information on the work of the Trust, please send us an Email - don't forget to include a telephone number with your enquiry.

If you have been considering adopting a cat and live close to one of our centres, don't wait any longer, contact the Celia Hammond Animal Trust today.
Our contact details can be found on the homing pages of our centres, along with details of our cats currently for homing.

The number of animals being abandoned is at crisis levels


The stories we feature on our social media pages and website – whether abandoned animals (like Garfield), cats waiting for a home (like Kai and Esme, waiting since November 2010), or animals needing substantial veterinary treatment (like Wilson) – are just a tiny fraction of the cases we deal with every single day right across the charity.

The number of animals being abandoned is at crisis levels. We are seeing more and more pet owners totally reliant on our low-cost veterinary services, and the number of cats under our care awaiting homes is at its absolute limit.

We are struggling under the sheer and consistent demand for our services and the pressure that we are under. The costs of running the charity are at an all-time high: our sanctuary alone is costing £17,000 per month to run – the main costs being veterinary treatment and food, and we have well over 700 cats under our care across the charity.

We are doing everything we possibly can to deal with this overwhelming demand, but we need you to help us ensure that we have the funds needed to continue our vital work and reach the animals who need us most.

Please donate to our funding appeal via JustGiving today and your donation, no matter how large or small, will have an immediate impact and enable us to reach those animals who desperately need us.

Just £10 could feed an orphaned kitten specialist milk for a whole month
£25 could pay to spay a cat and prevent the birth of many more unwanted litters
£50 could pay to vaccinate, microchip and neuter a stray cat ready for homing

Please, give what you can today – it really will make a difference to the lives of these animals.

Thank you - from all staff, volunteers and animals at CHAT

Our appeal can be found via: https://www.justgiving.com/CHATAppeal

Kittens at Lewisham Branch.....

AUGUST 2014...........

KITTEN SEASON Cats are seasonal breeders usually giving birth to two litters per year - Spring and again late Summer.

We are now taking in lots of young litters of kittens and their mothers, many are being found abandoned or have been born in dangerous locations such as industrial sites or in derelict buildings. These families are being cared for in our volunteer foster homes and will be ready for new homes once the kittens are weaned at 8-9 weeks old.

We also as always have lots of lovely adult cats of all ages seeking new homes.

Cialis Online

This lucky black cat has found a new home but many others are waiting...


All our shelters always have many black and black and white cats looking for new homes.

We are asking all potential adopters not to overlook cats just because they are black or black and white and, if needed, to try and see through the cats initial nervous nature - many have had their worlds turned upside down, losing their homes, often through no fault of their own. Some have beeen cruelly treated and of course they will take time and human effort to learn trust again - they just need to be given the chance.

Please see our 'Animals for Homing' pages or call our centres for more information.

We are often asked about our policy on homing cats with children. We think that it is very important for children to grow up with pets and do home cats into family homes all the time. Unfortunately, due to some cats nervous nature (mostly caused by humans) we do not always have the perfect cats for family homes. The RIGHT cats for families are the very friendly and bold cats - these are the ones who tend to be lucky enough to find homes fairly quickly so are not often featured on our website.

paw Celia Hammond Animal Trust ~ Our Aims and Objectives

To provide care and refuge for cats and kittens both feral and domestic and for those animals which on the basis of age, temperament or appearance would not normally be taken in elsewhere
p To promote the welfare of animals through example and education
paw print To humanely reduce the population of dogs and cats, both pedigree and mongrel in the U.K by neutering as opposed to the current situation where hundreds of thousands of healthy but unwanted or stray animals are being destroyed simply because there are not enough homes to go around
paw To provide low cost neuter/vaccination clinics for animals belonging to people on benefit or those unable to afford private veterinary fees.
paw To provide low cost treatment in our clinics for sick/injured animals whose owners do not qualify for help from the major charities but who cannot afford private veterinary fees
p To operate a rescue service for animals, both domestic and feral, in emergency situations through calls from the public, local authorities and the police
p To provide long and short-term sanctuary accommodation and rehoming facilities for rescued animals
paws To investigate complaints of cruelty and neglect and to take appropriate action

The Trust has a strict non-destruction policy unless animals are suffering with a terminal illness or are hopelessly injured and beyond any veterinary help.

We can rescue them, only you can save them.
Help save a life today, please donate
to us online via the

Our Head Office is
Celia Hammond Animal Trust, High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6AG

Tel: 01892 783367 Fax: 01892 784882
E-mail: headoffice@celiahammond.org

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