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Champion and Bowley are seeking an extra special outdoor home.  Both cats have disabilities and although not related we matched them together and they adore each other - they are usually found laying cuddled in each others arms - its very sweet - however they are not so fond of humans! 

Bowley a tabby male only has 3 legs after he sustained an injury as a stray and lost the use of one of his legs unfortunately after weeks of care he had still not regained use of his damaged limb and it had to be amputated.  

Champion a black male came in as a stray with a badly damaged eye which had to be removed. The lady who has been feeding him would have taken him back but was moving house to a main road and with his sight impaired it was decided that it was not a good idea. 

They are both feral and are seeking an outdoor home in a safe location well away from busy roads.   A stables, smallholiding or garden home would be ideal.  Dry shelter such as an outbuilding, haybarn, shed or summerhouse is required and daily good quality cat food.

We can rehome feral and semi-feral cats to homes in Sussex, Kent, parts of Surrey and to suitable homes within London.   We initially loan a purpose built relocation pen to keep the cats in for 3 -4 weeks to settle them in and provide life long support and back up should it be required e.g with health care.


To enquire about Champion and Bowley  please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel 07768 122844

or leave a message on 020 8694 6545