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 New Arrival Patches is an 18 months black/white female.  Susie originally belonged to a family who got her as a kitten but as she got older they put her outside and neighbours took over feeding her, eventually fully taking over her care and gettng her neutered.  Patches however did not get on with two other stray cats that her feeders had also taken in.   

Patches appears to have been overgrooming and has very sparse fur on her back sides and back legs but hasn't got any signs of trauma to her skin and wasn't suffering with a flea infestation.  At the moment we are just monitoring her fur condition and will wait and see what happens but hopefully once in a home of her own where she is happy and not under stress her fur will grow back. Patches should be a semi long haired cat. 

Patches is a shy but quietly friendly sweet natured cat who enjoys snuggles and is seeking a quiet adult home with a garden and cat flap. 


To enquire about Patches please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 SITUATION and cat adoptions. 

Following Government Guidance our Homing Centres are closed to visitors but we are able to rescue and rehome cats whilst following regulations. 

The coronavirus pandemic does mean that we have had to alter our usual homing procedures. Pre-coronavirus we would meet potential adopters in their homes (home visit) this was an informal visit to provide advice about caring for cats or kittens e.g health care, feeding, settling in and also an opportunity for us to feel reassured that you could provide a good home.  We have replaced our usual home visit with a video call via What'sApp or similar to provide the same advice and so that you can also show us the cat relevant areas of your home e.g garden, location of a cat flap etc. 

Following a successful home assessment we match cats and homes and will suggest suitable cats to you.  We can provide photos and short video's of our cats and discuss them in more depth, in which case if you wish to go ahead we deliver the cats / kittens to your home as a door step handover. Adoption paperwork is completed as far as possible in advance over the phone. You then adopt the cats or kittens on a trial adoption basis.  Despite this being a new and unusual way to adopt cats we have so far found that adoptions are successful. 

We are prioritising homes that are local to our centres.  Lewisham Branch  Homing catchment area: All SE London and BR (Bromley) postcodes. Also N.Kent (Welling, Bexley, Sidcup, Swanley, Dartford), Croydon and SW London (SW8, SW9, SW2, SW11, SW4, SW12, SW16) If you can offer a home to a 'harder to rehome' cat we will consider homes outside our usual rehoming areas.