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. These cats have come into our care  after their elderly owner sadly passed away.

Beatie - 1 year black female.- HOMED  Bella - 1 year old black female - HOMED.   Lucy - 2 year old tabby female - HOMED. Poppy - 1 year black/white female - HOMED.  Rosie - 1 year tortie/white female - HOMED  Lily - 2 year black/white female - HOMED.  Oliver- 1 year black/white male - HOMED.   Annie 13 years black/wjite female.  McCavity is a 13 year old ginger cat.  Billy - 11 year old grey/white male. Molly - 11 year old black/white female.


LUCY, POPPY AND ROSIE:   Poppy a 1 year black/white female is seeking a new home with her mother Lucy a 2 year old ex stray tabby as they are very close. They love curling up together in front of a radiator.  Lucy likes to go outside but also enjoys being at home and sleeping a lot. Poppy likes sticking close to her mum. Lucy loves cat nip toy mice and will thow a toy mouse into your lap when she wants to start a game.  Rosie a 1 year calico tortie is the smallest but also the most independent, she gets on with everyone and has a mishievious streak. She loves the outdoors.   These three are looking for a home as a trio.  - UPDATE 28th JUNE: GOOD NEWS: Lucy, Poppy and Rosie have found a new home as a Trio! 

Lily a 2 year black/white female and Oliver a 1 year a black/white male are very close siblings (although from different litters) they like going outdoors on adventures and return together.- RESERVED

Beatie and Bella both 1 year black females (The Twins)  These two spend a lot of time together and especially like a lap, although Beatie also has a favourite igloo cat bed. - HOMED


Molly and Billy both 11 years old (Brother and sister) have been together all their lives and are seeking a new home together.  Described as lap cats but are also active and love to play. 

Annie is fine with the other cats but is a little more independent. Likes a warm soft sleeping spot. Annie has a birth defect affecting her right hind leg but this doesn't seem to hinder her. 

McCavity is very loving and would settle with anyone, he likes a lap but is not so keen on being picked up. 

They have all been used to a home with a garden. 

Update 1st June: These cats have been used to living in a quiet adult home with one elderly lady. They are friendly but are upset at losing their home and owner so will need a little time to adjust. Currently they are seeking calm adult homes or with sensible children 10 years+ . Lily and Oliver are currently the friendliest ;pair. 

UPDATE 6th JUNE: GOOD NEWS:  Lily and Oliver are now reserved to go to a new home.  UPDATE 8th June: Beatie and Bella are reserved to go to a new home.