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Nina and her kittens, Olive, Pidge, Gus are seeking new homes as two pairs.

"We've called mum Nina, she is absolutely lovely, so sweet and would never hurt a fly. She absolutely loves strokes, and kneading onto a cushion or blanket. She is a little nervous around new people but she setlled with us very quickly and has been seeking attention since! We think mum should be paired with the only boy who we've named Gus, he also loves a good stroke and is more of a mummy's boy than his sisters, he's the tuxedo cat with a straight moustache and black chin! 

We have named the all black kitten olive, she is the smallest but she holds her own against her siblings. She is a little nervous but has had a few naps on our laps so I think she will be fine. We think olive should be paired with her sister Pidge. We've named her that because she coos like a pidgeon when she's picked up, but she is a sweetheart and all coo and no bite! Olive and Pidge make quite a mischievous pair and have crawled into every crack and crevice of our home, including those we didn't know existed and behind the (built-in!!!) fridge! Pidge looks a lot like Gus but her moustache is more heart shaped and she has a white chin. "

To enquire about Nina and her kittens please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team.  or come and visit us and our cats at our regular Cat Adoption Open Days every Saturday and Sunday between 1p.m and 5p.m  Please bring a donation of some cat food!! 


Please note: We do carry out a pre-adoption home visit. This is an informal visit that takes place in your home. We provide any advice you may need about caring for and settling in new cats or kittens – incl health care, feeding, holiday arrangements, dangers in your home etc. We also look at the location of your home to assess for hazards such as easy access to busy roads or for indoor-only homes to advise on making windows or balconies safe. Our cats have varied temperaments and needs so we also discuss what ‘sort’ of cats would be suitable for you, your family, your lifestyle and your home. Once a successful home visit has been carried out you will be invited back by appointment to meet suitable cats either at our Rescue centre or at our local foster homes and choose your new feline companion(s). If you are interested in offering a home to one or more of our cats you are welcome to visit one of our Adoption Open Days prior to having a home visit but unless you have had a successful home visit you cannot choose or reserve cats at one of our Adoption Days.