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Elmar is a 17 year old ex semi-feral cat who is seeking a retirement home.   Elmar was rehomed by CHAT approx 15 years ago to a stables, he went missing from the stables and took up residence in someones garden. They fed him for about 10 years and provided him with a shelter to sleep in. As they were moving they couldn't leave him there and contacted another charity to trap him, when they caught him they scanned him and found his microchip and then discovered his previous history.

Elmar was returned to CHAT where our vets have checked him over, they have discovered that he has an over active thyroid gland for which he is now on medication and early kidney problems. He also has a permanent head tilt and is deaf in one ear.  Elmar is responding well to his thyroid treatment and has gained weight.

Elmar is too old to be rehomed again as a feral cat and is seeking a retirement home where he can be warm and comfortable. He is comfortable around people but won't want a fuss made of him so will be quite undemanding.  CHAT will assist with any vet trips and help with continuing his veterinary care via our Long Term Foster Scheme.  

Elmar needs a home with other cats and would suit an indoor only home or home with a cat proofed garden. 

To enquire about Elmar please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team. 

 or come and visit us and our cats at our regular Open Days every Saturday and Sunday between 1p.m and 5p.m  Please bring a donation of some cat food!!