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This mother cat was left behind with her three kittens after their owners moved and left them behind.  The family have been cared for in a foster home, two kittens have found a new home and mum is still waiting with her last kitten - now 4 months old.
Mum is a sweet, sleek cat and she’s calmed down a lot since she arrived. She’s not scared of people, or unfriendly but she doesn’t really seem to get what people are for.  She enjoys being stroked and will happily come to me and eat treats out of  my hand when she hears the bag rattle but she doesn’t like her head being touched and she can get startled easily by sudden movements or noises. When she has a bit of a panic I just talk to her and tell her she's being silly. As long as you’re calm and confident she quickly relaxes again. She’s a very sweet cat who loves to play and I’m sure she’ll come on even faster when she has more space to settle into.  She is not a fan of other cats so has been stuck in my spare room here. 
Her kitten is fluffier, all black with just a sprinkling of white hairs on his legs.  He’s a super-friendly, confident , nosy little monster who loves people (and sitting on laptops). He’s quite chatty and lets you know when he thinks he needs more fuss or to be allowed to explore, and will follow you around the house purring. He looks big but he’s still very kitteny. 
Update 19th Feb: This mother cat and her son have now moved into the rescue centre in the hope that this increases their chances of finding a new home. 

To enquire about this mother cat and her kitten  please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team. 

 or come and visit us and our cats at our regular Open Days every Saturday and Sunday between 1p.m and 5p.m  Please bring a donation of some cat food!!