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 Onyx (male) and Quartz (male) were rescued as older stray kittens along with their mother and sister. Their mum and sister have found a new home. Onyx and Quartz are now 9 months old and are still quite shy.  They are seeking a suitable semi-feral outdoor home together, such as at a stables, smallholding or a garden home.  They will require access to dry shelter e.g a hay barn or dry outbuilding or garden shed.  They will need feeding every day with good quality cat food (the same as any pet cat would be fed) but will also earn their keep as an effective rodent patrol.

We can rehome feral and semi-feral cats to homes in Sussex, Kent, parts of Surrey and to suitable homes within London.   We initially loan a purpose built relocation pen to keep the cats in for 3 -4 weeks to settle them in and provide life long support and back up should it be required e.g with health care.

UPDATE 6TH JUNE: These two beautiful young cats are amongst our longest stay cats.  The reason is because they are shy and they need someone to give them a chance. They are both very playful and curious and sniff our fingers and can just be touched. We are confident that given a chance and time in a patient adult that they would become friendly.  We appreciate that it is hard to find such homes and as we are concerned that they have been waiting too long we are alternatively seeking a nice outdoor home for them e.g at a stables, smallholding or as garden cats where if they decide they would like a fuss to be made of them that their new owners will give them attention. 

 UPDATE 25th JULY: Onyx and Quartz have now moved to a foster home but continue their search for a permanent new home. Updates to follow soon. 

UPDATE 12th SEPT FROM THEIR FOSTER HOME : "Onyx and Quartz really do have the sweetest personalities.  Initially, Quartz (the smallest and most nervous) is becoming the leader.  He is the most inquisitive and energetic.  Onyx is quite happy soaking up the sunshine on the window ledge. We have a good routine with them now.  Early morning for about an hour they have the run of the house.  Quartz loves to look out of our bedroom window, and is desperate to get out in the garden.  Mid-morning they have a few treats and I sit and have a chat with them.  Sometimes they will just sit other times they move (still a bit nervy about being touched). Late afternoon we let them have the run of the house again until around 11pm at night.  During this time they will happily play with us and they have endless energy.  They really enjoy running from the kitchen through a plastic tunnel and then skidding in their room on the wooden floor.  Also chase each other around and over the settee!!  They so want to be our friends, and I am sure, given time they will let us stroke them without being nervous.  They eat well and are extremely diligent with their litter tray. They will make fabulous pets for the right family. A couple of days ago one of them meowed for the first time.  Also purr when they have their treats!


To enquire about these cats please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team.