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New Arrival: Nala is a 6 year old female cat who was originally a stray cat who we neutered and returned several years ago, she then moved into a home of her own accord and adopted the people living there.  They fed her and she became very friendly with them.  Earlier this year she suffered a nasty injury to her tail and she came to our vet clinic where the end of her tail had to be amputated.  She was quite nervous in the clinic and then went back to the people who had been feeding her where she was once again very happy.  Unfortunately they have now moved and could not take Nala with them so we have had to take her in and are now seeking a new home for her.

A cat experienced adult home with a garden and a cat flap is sought.


To enquire about Nala please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Because our cats are rescued we do like to meet potential adopters this can either be at your home (home visit) or via a video call e.g WhatsApp this is an informal visit to provide advice about caring for cats or kittens e.g health care, feeding, settling in and also an opportunity for us to feel reassured that you could provide a good home. 

Following a successful home assessment we can make an appointment for you to come and meet our cats. 

We are prioritising homes that are local to our centres.  Lewisham Branch  Homing catchment area: All SE London and BR (Bromley) postcodes. Also N.Kent (Welling, Bexley, Sidcup, Swanley, Dartford), Croydon and SW London (SW8, SW9, SW2, SW11, SW4, SW12, SW16) If you can offer a home to a 'harder to rehome' cat we will consider homes outside our usual rehoming areas.