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Mamma cat, her three new born kittens and Nimbus her son from a previous litter were handed in as unwanted pets and are now in the care of one of our foster homes.  The youngest kittens are now 5 weeks old (Aug 3rd) 

"Mamma is a sweetheart, and asks for more attention and plays more now that the little'uns are a bit bigger. She's so vocal, constantly trilling and meowing at them. 

Stratus is the most confident kitten. He'll run over as soon as he sees you and sit on your feet. He's eating plenty of big boy food but still missing the litterbox.  Alto is the next boldest. He loves to play with you, especially if one of his siblings are too. He's not so in to solid food yet.  Cirrus is the most aloof of the bunch, but the most grown-up with his eating and litterbox use. He's a little more slender and has shorter hair than the other two fluffy potatoes, he's going to be a long boy I think. His markings are pretty similar to Nimbus's, too. (I don't know how much of a tell that is.)

Nimbus is very playful and boisterous, but luckily now the kittens are bigger they can take on some of the playtime with him for me. We still play lots, and he likes to be anywhere he shouldn't, of course."

Mamma and her kittens will be ready for new homes early-mid September. We are looking to rehome one kitten with Mamma and the other two as a pair.  Nimbus could be rehomed with Mamma and a kitten or as a companion to another very playful young cat.

UPDATE 16th Sept: Two kittens now have a new home to go to together.  Ideally it would be lovely if Mamma, Nibus and the last kitten could find a new home as a trio. 

 To enquire about Mamma and her kittens please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 CAT ADOPTIONS:  The coronavirus pandemic did mean that we have had to alter our usual homing procedures. We are now in the process of returning to 'normal' but this will take some time.   Home Assessments:  Pre-coronavirus we would meet potential adopters in their homes (home visit) this was an informal visit to provide advice about caring for cats or kittens e.g health care, feeding, settling in and also an opportunity for us to feel reassured that you could provide a good home.  During the pandemic we replaced our usual home visit with a video call via What'sApp or similar to provide the same advice and so that you can also show us the cat relevant areas of your home e.g garden, location of a cat flap etc.  We are continuing with the option of an initial video call home visits or an actual home visits. 

Following a successful home assessment you are then welcome to come and meet suitable cats by appointment. For homes who initially had a video call we are delivering cats to their new homes to ensure are settled in with you and any further advice required is provided.  

 We are continuing to prioritise homes that are local to our centres - except for feral/ outdoor cats.  Lewisham Branch Homing catchment area: All SE London and BR (Bromley) postcodes. Also N.Kent (Welling, Bexley, Sidcup, Swanley, Dartford), Croydon and SW London (SW8, SW9, SW2, SW11, SW4, SW12, SW16) If you can offer a home to a 'harder to rehome' cat we will consider homes outside our usual rehoming areas.