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We had two rabbits brought to us who were found in a box in the park.  "Moxy" is a friendly female rabbit who arrived heavily pregnant and gave birth a few days later. She now has three babies.  Foxy is the dad - he has now been neutered.  

We are not a rabbit rescue but these are rabbits that have been brought to us having been found abandoned in boxes and pet carriers locally and needed help. 

Rabbits are often a very neglected pet, they are often acquired as children's pets but are generally not very cuddly and once the initial novelty wears off many soon find themselves spending long periods of time confined, bored, in small rabbit hutches.  They are relatively long lived up to 10-12 years and compared to cats which are relatively independent being 'caged' animals require more time and attention in terms of cleaning their living quarters and providing exercise and stimulation. 

Rabbits however can be very rewarding pets but this is best achieved by providing spacious stimulating accommodation for them so that on days when you are busy they can keep themselves safely entertained. 

There are two main options for housing rabbits: Outdoors:   A pair of rabbits will require a fox proof home, minimum size for a pair of rabbits is 3 metres x 2 metres - a sturdy weatherproof garden shed or outbuilding with an attached run can work well.   We recommend taking a look on the RWAF website for information and ideas: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-welfare-association-fund/

Indoor Rabbits:  The alternative option is to have indoor rabbits. An indoor rabbit cage such as sold in pet shops is not sufficient,  a pair of indoor rabbits will still require minimum 3 metres x 2 metres.  Sometimes a room can be dedicated to the rabbits or an enclosure created again take a look at the RAWF website for some ideas:  https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/.../indoor-rabbit-housing/

Then we have Foxy and Moxy and their babies who arrived two months ago having also been found abandoned in a box in a local park.   Moxy is being neutered this week and her babies - 1 female and 2 males are being neutered next week.   This family can either be rehomed as a family of five or can be split as Foxy and Moxy together and the three babies as a trio or one male baby as a companion to another young neutered female of a similar age. 

UPDATE: The three babies have found new homes, the parents Foxy and Moxy are still seeking a new home together. 

To enquire further about any of our lovely Rabbits please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.