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Male and female pair of rabbits brought in having been found abandoned in a local park.   Britney was already neutered and we have neutered Justin. They are small - medium sized and are a very friendly pair of bunnies who like people as well as getting on well with each other.

Britney and Justin are seeking a new home together and require a home with spacious fox proof accommodation, we would also consider an indoor rabbit home.

Some clarification about what sort of rabbit accommodation we would consider:  OUTDOOR:  An open hutch or sleeping boxes within a secure garden shed or garden outbuilding with a secure attached fox proof exercise run.  A sturdy hutch within a fox proof aviary or chicken coop /enclosure.  Outdoor Dog kennel and secure run.  A typical pet shop type rabbit hutch sited outdoors is usually not going to be sufficient to protect against predators and the weather and provide rabbits with sufficient exercise space. 

INDOORS:  Rabbits can do a lot of damage and may also harm themselves e.g chewing electrical wires, carpet fibres etc so unless you have a room that can be made safe and dedicated to the rabbits then part of a room will need sectioning off and they may still be allowed supervised exercise time in the rest of the room. Rabbit safe enclosures can be created by using open top puppy pens linked together to fence off a section of a room for rabbits to safely enjoy, although if you have other pets this may not be safe enough to protect them so an actual run may be required. 

For both outdoor and indoor rabbits accommodation the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund is a great source of information and advice:  https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-welfare-association-fund/

To enquire about Britney and Justin  please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.