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Leona is a very shy 3 year old female cat.  Leona has a digestive disorder, our vets have carried out investigations but been unable to fully diagnose the cause but her condition is being managed with a special hypoallergenic food and low dose steroids plus another medication to help settle her stomach - these she takes in a small bit of tasty food or 'easy pill' paste.  

Leona requires a safe indoor only home. She would benefit from the company of other cats but must only eat her hypoallergenic food so the cats should be fed seperately (unless another cat also eats the same hypoallergenic food) ,  it wouldn't matter if other cats ate some of Leona's food.

We will continue to provide all of Leona's veterinary care via our veterinary clinic. 


To enquire about Leona please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team.