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Diddy is a shy approx 15 year old female cat.  Diddy has diabetes, because she is too shy to cope with regular insulin injections she is being fed on a prescription diabetic food.  This is a compromise solution to her condition and is not as effective as insulin injections but Diddy's quality of life has to be considered and she is currently managing quite well with this treatment plan. 

Diddy is seeking an indoor only home.  She does like other cats and would benefit from feline company. If she lives with other cats ideally she should only eat her prescription food - or as far as is practical her own food, again her happiness and quality of life is most important than worrying over the odd mouthful of the wrong food.  

We will continue to provide all of Diddy's veterinary care. 


To enquire about Diddy please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or if you are unable to send a email please leave us a clear voicemail message including your contact phone no on 020 8694 6545 your message will be passed to our homing team.