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Devoted friends Nyx and Spook are desperately seeking a loving home together. Sadly life at home changed dramatically in recent years with the arrival of children and a bouncy dog. The cats started to spent more and more time hidden away or outside, they are older cats and this is clearly not ideal so the difficult decision was made to find a new home for he cats. Nyx is a fairly confident and chatty character however little Spook (Tortie) struggles with making friends with new people and is finding life in the cattery overwhelming, she has just been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and it is clear she is missing the security and comfort a home and spends most of her time hiding in her box. We can provide treatment and  care for Spook's thyroid condition, which is simply controlled with medication, via our clinics in London or via our Greenacres centre. The cats are otherwise in excellent health, are clean and have impeccable manners and  will make excellent companions once settled. If you have relatively calm, quiet home and some space on your sofa please get in touch to find out more!

|If you are interest in finding out more about these lovely girls or any of the cats at our Greenacres Rehoming Centre please call 01424 882198 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including a contact number.

We have many more cats available for adoption than those shown on our website. Please get in touch to have a chat.