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Sixty cats and kittens have been taken in by the Celia Hammond Animal Trust from a small holding in East Sussex after their elderly owner passed away.
This rescue was such a huge job that it has taken four months to capture and to be able to allocate space to accommodate all the cats who are now being cared for at our Sanctuary at Brede and  also at C.H.A.T's Lewisham Branch in S.E. London.
The cats, all one family, were unneutered and had been left to breed uncontrolled. When we first arrived we were greeted by what can only be described as a sea of cats and kittens. It was clear that the cats had previously been well fed but they were now hungry and the number of cats was overwhelming.
We took the kittens in that day - twenty three in one go to the Sanctuary but we we were already full we had to feed the remaining cats until space could be made to take the adults in. Once trapping could begin it was a race against time to capture all cats before the females came back into season, and were mated again.  We were surprised to discover that almost all of the cats were female - out of the sixty cats only eight were males - hence they had bred very quickly!
Once in our care all the cats have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, defleaed and wormed.
These cats are semi-feral, most are quite relaxed close to people but are not too keen on actually being touched. Ideally we would like to rehome them in groups but as a minimum they are seeking homes in pairs.
They are seeking suitable outdoor homes such as at a stables, smallholding or a garden home. They will require access to dry shelter e.g a hay barn or dry outbuilding or garden shed. They will need feeding every day with good quality cat food (the same as any pet cat would be fed) but will also earn their keep as an effective rodent patrol.
We are seeking new homes for these cats throughout Sussex and Kent. We initially loan a purpose built relocation pen to keep the cats in for 3 -4 weeks to settle them in and provide life long support and back up should it be required e.g with health care.

 To enquire about these cats please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel 01424 882198