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These two beautiful young cats are seeking an 'outside' home together, ideally somewhere rural but set away from busy roads and fast country lanes. They will need a cosy tack room or similar outbuilding to make their base to sleep, eat and rest up in while planning their adventures! Handsome Hansel was reported to us living in a hedge just a mile or so away from the Sanctuary while Izzy rather incredibly stowed away in a shipping container all the way from Israel! Hansel was trapped and admitted to the Sanctuary on the same day as Izzy was collected from the quarantine cattery.

As both were clearly feral and with neither of them having a family we could find, we tried them in together and it was love at first sight (on Izzy's part at least, Hansel plays harder to get!). After several months of trying to socialise them, it has become increasingly clear neither of these cats particularly enjoys human company (Izzy in particular is quite feisty and gets very cross with us approaching her or her new best friend) but they are quite intrigued by what we are doing and are happy to be around people as long as given a bit of space. They just need somewhere safe to make their new home and they are such cheeky characters it will be a joy to watch them explore. As with any of our rescued cats we can provide life long support and advice should you need any help caring for the cats.


To enquire about Izzy and Hansel or any other of the cats at our Greenacres Rehoming Centre please call 01424 882198 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including a contact number.

We have many more cats available for adoption than those shown on our website. Please get in touch to have a chat.