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Herring came into our care as part of a group of cats whose owner was terminally ill and has now recently passed away. Within this group some cats have a very strong bond with each other - other prefer to be by themselves and are not keen on their feline companions. 

Herring is only about a year old and very shy. She is fine with other cats but can also be homed by herself as an only cat and with someone who can bond with her and get her to trust people. Herring is happy to be touched but is wary of strangers and would like an understanding adult home.

            I prefer not to live with children.        

   I would prefer to not live with a dog.

         I could live with a cat from our family group. 

           I would prefer access to the outside.


To enquire about Herring or to find out about other animals at Canning Town, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send CHAT an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To find out more about homing one of our rescue animal please click here

Photography Kirsten Priebe