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These beautiful cats were re-homed in April 2016.They were young and nervous but David was willing to give them a chance. Sadly their new loving owner had been diagnosed with a medical condition that means he was no longer be able to care for them.

 In David's words:
"They've been living with us since April 2016 and have progressed since then, although they are still not what you would consider 'lapcats' and may never be. Wednesday (the female) has progressed the most and has fallen into her own little routine. She will come and fetch me when she decides it's time to play and at feeding time in the mornings and evenings. Both participate in regular play sessions with us but without direct contact. I feel that Wednesday may allow petting and direct contact at some point in the future but perhaps that will never be the case with Friday. Both will eat from our hands and allow us to sit very close to them when playing, but neither will tolerate being stroked.
As with all cats, they each have their own unique personalities and are adorable, they just had a very tough start in life and seem to have suffered most simply from a lack of socialisation at an early age.
They have a very strong bond with each other and spend half of their waking time playing together, often chasing each other from room to room. We have plenty of toys they enjoy which a new owner would inherit, along with their favourite scratching post and a bed and blanket for each of them. We also have some pheromone diffusers which seem to help them relax and some catnip spray which we'd pass over.
It's with a certain degree of guilt that I'm rehoming them, the plan was to keep them with us for life. They certainly deserve a patient new owner who has the time to work with them and allow them to progress even further. They have never been outdoors but often gaze out of the window and might benefit from having some outside space."
Sadly Wednesday and Friday are now back at the shelter and are desperate for a patient loving forever home.

To enquire about Wednesday and Friday or to find out about other animals at Canning Town, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send CHAT an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.