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 I am 5 years old.
 I am a neutered male.
 I can live with older children. 
 I cannot live with dogs.
 I can live with other cats.
 I need a home with a safe garden.


Raichu is a sweet boy who was found by our rescue team living as a stray. The team were out trying to trap a mother cat ready to give birth when Raichu first came to our attention. He ran away from us and was missing for some time, but luckily a worried member of the public found our stray scared lad and brought him in to the shelter.

The poor boy has been through so much and is only five years old. When Raichu came in to the clinic, it was clear that his breathing and swallowing were abnormal, so he was rushed for an x-ray to make sure there was nothing stuck in his throat. The x-ray showed he had a very large polyp growing behind his soft palate at the back of his nose and the roof of his mouth. The veterinary team immediately got to work operating on him to remove the polyp allow him to eat and breathe comfortably.

Whilst recovering from this operation, the nurses noticed that his balance wasn't quite right. After a few days of monitoring it progressively worsen, the vet investigated and found more polyps in his left ear growing up through his ear drum. He was quickly operated on, and his ear drum did have to be removed

Raichu has a harmless condition called horner syndrome, which causes his eyes to dilate in different ways at the same time. It is now hardly noticeable and has vastly improved as he has recovered, but he does have some slight scaring in one of his eyes.

Raichu has recovered incredibly well from his medical traumas, and whilst he is still a bit clumsy and off balance, he won’t let anything stop him. He is a playful and energetic character, often found running around his pen or at the door playing with a toy. He is a adorable boy who really enjoys a fuss from those he trusts. He can get nervous around new people and takes a bit of time to get comfortable when you meet him, but once you start talking to him and show that everything is ok, he melts completely and becomes a loveable purry kitten.

He has lived on the streets for a very long time and desperately needs a loving, safe home. Due to him being deaf in one ear, we are looking for a home with a garden that is surrounded by other gardens so there's no risk of him getting near a road.

While he was getting his treatment done, they tested his for FIV and he did come back positive, you can read more about FIV+ cats in this link. 



Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, address and contact phone number.  

Our cats are rescues, that have either been abandoned, stray, neglected or abused. All homes need to have a home check either by video call or in person and we will provide advice about caring for cats or kittens. This is also a chance for us to see what type of home you can offer to one of our cats and to best match a cat with your home and family.  

Following a successful home visit, we will make an appointment for you to come and meet the cats at the shelter and adopt. If you have picked cat/s from the website, you will meet them on adoption day. 

We are prioritising homes that are local to our centre and these are the Canning Town catchment areas: East London, parts of North London and parts of West Essex.

If you can offer a home to a harder to home cat, we will consider a home outside these areas.