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These two beautiful young cats are seeking a home together. Amelia and Gilbert are a little shy but interested in people, they are very playful and love chasing toy mice.

Sadly they haven't been handled by people when they were at the crucial kitten phase of their development. They are very curious and engaging but don't love being touched. This might change in the future if they find a home with very rescue minded people who wouldn't put pressure on them. But there is no guarantee. 

Their personalities are amazing and striking and just getting to know them will enrich anyones life. They have been in the shelter for a very long time because they are not feral cats but not quite pets either. Perhaps there is someone out there who would give them a chance?

            We don't like direct contact with people but are OK being around them and in fact we find them rather intriguing!


   We might be OK with a farm dog as long as we are left alone.

        We are happy to live with other cats. 

           We would like to live outdoors but have dry and warm shelter