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Happy Endings!
Animal Rescue - Happy Endings

Would you like your pets featured on our website?

Each month we will feature different stories of animals homed by C.H.A.T.

If you have adopted your pet from us and would like their story to be featured, please forward details to info@celiahammond.org

Yoffi and Toffi

Yoffi and Toffi

Yoffi and Toffi were adopted from our Lewisham Branch in December 2012.

We have received this photo from their owner, Davina, who has kindly emailed to let us know that her lovely CHAT cats continue to flourish and lead a very happy life in their new forever home!

Dombey and Perkin

Dombey and Perkin

We just wanted to let you know that your Del Boy and Rodney (our Dombey and Perkin) have settled in fantastically well. They now have the run of the house and garden. They’ve mastered the cat flap and no longer use a litter tray, and they are wonderfully friendly - following us around, sitting with us and being very affectionate.

So thank you for two very special cats!

Michael and Pepe



TJ was at our sanctuary in Brede, Nr Hastings, for nearly 2 years before finding the perfect home.

Dear everyone at CHAT in Hastings,

We just wanted to send you an update on TJ, who we adopted last November. She's really settled in well and absolutely adores our other cat Jack; where he goes, she goes. She really is a part of our family and we love our little tabby diva.

Kind regards,

Emma and Paul xxx

Jake and Elwood

Jake and Elwood

Adopting our boys from CHAT was probably the best thing my husband and I have ever done! They were abandoned at only weeks old so were very nervous when we first brought them home at 8-5 weeks. They are now almost a year old and have become the most beautiful, sweet, loving and playful boys. I don't know how we ever existed without them! I could not recommend adopting a rescue animal highly enough. Being able to offer a loving home to an animal that has only experienced cruelty and neglect is one of the most rewarding things a person can experience. CHAT work tirelessly in their pursuit of rescuing and homing animals in need, and in educating others in the importance of neutering our animals. I hope my husband and I are able to adopt more animals in need from CHAT in the future - we just need to move to a bigger house first! Thanks CHAT for our beautiful boys.


Bill enjoying life in the garden

Barnacle Bill

Dear Carolyn, Kelly and all at Brede

Well I took Bill home and in no time at all he was itching to get out of his room and socialise with the other young cats that we have. As you know, Jacob and Harry (the two white boys from Brede) are so friendly and chilled out that they were no problem. Grady, our little grey tabby, is also a very sociable little cat and once he had got used to Bill (and all his fur), he was keen to include Bill in all his chasing games.
Bill is now a committed member of ‘Grady’s gang’, and in fact he has recently appointed himself as second in command. Grady doesn’t mind, and Harry, Jacob, April and Lewis and Logan (the other two youngsters from Lewisham branch) are all happy to be further down the pecking order.
All the cats enjoy the garden, they chase through the copse which is full of ferns and bluebells at the moment meaning that there are loads of hiding places, they go up and down the trees and through the shrubs having a high old time.
Bill is absolutely adorable, he is so gentle and loving and he is really enjoying life. He can also be very mischievous and funny as well. All in all, it is just as if he has always been with us.

With kind regards,

Zita and Zaldi

Zita and Zaldi

Dear CHAT,

I wanted to say thank you for Mauzer and Kitkat (now Zita and Zaldi). They are gorgeous and wonderfully affectionate. They have now been with us (making us a 4 cat household) for just over two months and have settled in beautifully. We have taken it slowly as they had been with CHAT for some time, but now they come and go through the catflap and have been climbing trees and generally tearing around. And Zita is crazy for the laser toy.
In case you’re wondering, Zita is short for Raposita (Galician for small female fox) and Zaldi means horse in Basque. We think he might be tall!

Many thanks,

We have received a lovely letter from the Driver family telling us how Lily is settling into her new home


Dear all at The Sanctuary,

Just a note to let you know how Lily’s been settling in to her new home.

Lily’s been living with us now for around 3 weeks, she’s such a sweet, gentle and funny little girl!!
It took a few days for her to get used to her new home, but she now seems to feel very settled with her new family and surroundings.
She’s chosen her favourite sleeping spots around the house, usually on the sofa in a sunny spot, or on her fluffy blanket upstairs.
She’s become very playful as she’s got more settled, and keeps us all amused with her high speed sprints around the house!

We all adore Lily and are so pleased to welcome her into our family. She’s the sweetest little girl and really enjoys rolling upside down for belly rubs! So cute! We’re all very willing to give her cuddles on demand! She’s a real character, very chatty and very inquisitive. She follows each of us around, watching what we’re doing. It’s almost like she ‘herds’ us into the living room! When we’re all sitting down she’ll come and have a nap on her spot on the sofa. She’s not shown too much interest in getting out in the garden yet, but it’ll be nice if/when she does decide to go outside so that she can enjoy the sunshine and claim it as her own.

Thanks so much for all your hard work in giving the animals a second chance of a happy life.

Yours sincerely,
The Driver family

Gus enjoying his new life at Minners Farm

Gus and Mowgli

Gus and Mowgli, two feral cats, are enjoying their new life at Minners Farm.


Just thought I would send you a quick update on our boys, now named Gus and Mowgli.
We opened the cage last Sunday and within minutes they were both out. Pictured below is Gus who has been making lots of appearances during the day, mainly to scrounge for dreamies!
We have only seen Mowgli once since we let them out, although a bale of hay did start hissing at me when I tried to move this morning, so I assume he is camped behind it! We left it well alone so hopefully he will still think it's a good place to hide during the day!
If I manage to get any pics of them both out and about I will send them to you.

Thank you for letting us have them here. I promise they have a loving home for life.

Take care, and best wishes to all at CHAT.


Kitty in her new home


Dear Friends at CHAT,

It is now more than a month since long-term Sanctuary resident Kitty ( now called Ruby) came home with me. She is such a sweet little cat and I can hardly believe that she was 'overlooked' by would-be adopters for nearly a year. Thank you for looking after her so well for all that time - I am so pleased to have her share my home! She settled very quickly with lots of purring and cute rolling and soon found a cosy chair to make her own - though now she mostly has her night-time sleep
at the end of my bed! She also enjoys dashing madly round the house
chasing ping-pong balls etc. I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of her and I do hope more people will consider your 'overlooked' cats - they all deserve a good home!

Thank you again.

All good wishes,


Dear All at CHAT Brede Sanctuary,

Here are a few pictures of Autumn. Her new name is Poppy and she has settled in extremely well and it is lovely to have a playful kitten in the house.

Many thanks,

The Fullers



Just to let you know Dennis has settled in well.
Thanks again for everything. I've attached some photos for you.

Henna & Mandy x

Bomber and Sweetpea

Bomber and Gipsy

Bomber and Gipsy are two older feral cats who were initially very shy but are thriving with Gail who also has two other feral cats adopted from CHAT.


Just had to share this. Not much more than 2 years here, and with some influence from my friendly other pair (originally Holly and Hannah) that is Bomber hiding in the straw but letting me see him for almost the first time, while Gipsy is starting to let me stroke her. Exciting, huh?

love, g.

Gizzy and Rolo

Gizzy and Rolo

Hi, just received your Chatter booklet
And refer to the item re multi cat household, we we fortunate to have 2 cats from you from this rescue and as you can see they have settled in very well and do make us laugh with some of the things they do, playing football is what they really like!

I have attached two photos of them and have renamed them
Gizzy @ Rolo,,

Regards Kay,
Nancy and Patti

Nancy and Patti


Just to let you know how our cats are getting on.

Patti (black & white) didn't want to
come out of her box, but know she's really settled in.

Nancey (tabby & white) came out of her box
to explore our living room as soon as her box was opened.

They're really happy here & they've settled in well.

Daniel, Alaric& Cristina .


Siouxie, now Lulu.....

Lulu (kitten) with her best friend Bichon Puppy - Daisy. Best of friends play all day and night and are joined at the hip!

Honey and Louis

Honey and Louis

Dear all at the Lewisham Branch of Celia Hammond,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my cats Honey and Louis who I adopted on 01/08/10. I think they were called Biscuit and Saffron and the time.

They are both very fond of each other and either getting into mischief together or rough and tumbling in the garden. They are very loving, friendly cats and in excellent health (neutered and innoculated) and good- humoured.

I am attaching a few photos for your records.

Many thanks and best wishes

Calypso and son

Calypso and Son

Dear Celia Hammond,

I thought it would be nice to send you an update on how our two little cats are doing.
My husband and I came to see you last May and met a young 9 month old black and white cat and her adopted son (five days old). She was found crying on a busy main road close to Canning town and the vet discovered she had just had kittens. She was taken back to try and find them, but sadly they couldn't be found. At the same time, a cat was brought in with a large litter of very young kittens and one was taken out and given to her to adopt. We instantly fell in love with them and their sad story and vowed to make them the happiest cats in the world!

Almost a year later and they have both settled in so well. The mum, who we named Calypso is so loving! She loves cuddles, hugs you back and purrs at everything - its almost constant! She hogs the sofa or bed or wherever you happen to be sat just to get even closer to you.
The little kitten has grown up so fast and it was so delightful to watch him take his first wobbly steps from under our bed where Calypso made her nest for two weeks whilst he was still tiny. He's now as big as his mum and eats like a horse. He adores belly rubs and we have to hide the butter from view as he will do anything to get hold of it! He is really inquisitive and loves giving head bumps, cleaning my head and chasing his mum. He is also very vocal, especially when it's breakfast time or just wants to have a chat.

They love playing follow my leader around the house, going to the loo together and hugging each other to sleep. They are simply the most adorable two cats and we love them! Thanks for introducing us Celia, you've made the four of us very happy indeed.

Alice & Tim, Hackney.

Violet and Maria

Violet and Maria

Dear All

Thank you so much for giving us two beautiful kittens - Violet and Maria. We have renamed them Patch and Grethl.

They have been with us for just over a week and its fantastic!! I couldnt imagine them not being here.

My husband and I love them very much.

Take care




A HAPPY ENDING FOR CLARENCE - recently adopted from our Sussex Sanctuary.

Clarence was discovered in a box outside the gate of our Sanctuary on a wet Sunday afternoon. There was a note attached to his box explaining that his owner had moved away and left him behind and since then he had been going in cat flaps trying to steal food and had become a nuisance. He was absolutely terrified of people and would literally curl into a ball cringing when approached. But after a few weeks his confidence grew. His very favorite thing was his little blue catnip mouse which he spent hours playing with in his bed.

He is now happy in his new home thanks to Yuen who sent us some photos and let us know that "He is doing great. Full of character and is actually a lap cat. I've named him Simba too x"


Cheryl a 6 month old female kitten was found thin, hungry and disorientated wandering on the streets. Her owners could not be traced - if she had any. She has now found a lovely new home with Amanda.

"Hi there,

Cheryl is adjusting very well to her new home. She seems overall very comfortable, she still has her shy side but I'm sure that will go within time. Here a couple of happy snaps of her enjoying some time in her bed. Be sure to keep you all posted on her settling in stage..

Kind Regards,

Gipsy, Luna and Ginkgo


Hi Lesley and the team

As promised here are a couple of pics of Sophie (now Gipsy) and her kittens who we called Luna and Ginkgo.

Unfortunately I think that Gipsy has been abused in the past as she is still, after 5 weeks, really very nervous. We are however making progress each week and if she is relaxed we can stroke and make a fuss of her, especially when feeding her treats when she appears to transform into a different cat! Other times she is happier watching the kittens play from the doorway or under a chair. She is an extremely gentle cat and has never once lashed out even though she has clearly been very frightened at times.

The kittens are doing really well, getting more friendly each week and are happy to be cuddled when they are sleepy..... if in a playful mood then you won’t catch them! They love playing with their toys but the most fun item in my house is an empty shopping bag J

I think it will take a very long time for Gipsy to be completely relaxed around us but although she likes hiding under the bed at times, she seems happy and content in her new home.

Best wishes
Hazel & Oliver Davidson

Emerald and Kitz

Emerald and Kits - now Scrabble and Cinders

We adopted Emerald and Kitz last weekend (renamed Scrabble and Cinders) and they are a delight, Scrabble loved snuggling up on my lap tonight and Cinders stole our bed last night. This is a picture of them snuggling up together after a relaxing sunday playing and snoozing.

They still have much exploring to do, but they seem happy and we love them to bits!

Thank you to Natalie and Leslie for all your help and advice.

Rachael & Mike

Buzz and Alexa

Buzz and Alexa


These two - a brother and sister aged 2 years, were recently rehomed via Lewisham Branch after their owner gave them up because she couldn't cope with them moulting.

They are now adored by their new owner!

Here is Buzz and Alexa enjoying their new home. They are very lovely cats who love to cuddle up and get comfy, as you can see. They also love playing with their toys and enjoying the occasional treat!

We couldn't have hope for a nicer pair of cats. Thank you!

Agathe and John
Gilly and Tilly

Poppy and Rosy

Just wanted to give you an update on Poppy and Rosy (Gilly and Tilly) who we adopted from your Lewisham branch at the end of November 2012. They were 17 weeks when we brought them home, and within about 48 hours were making their presence known!

They are now 35 weeks, and enjoying life!

Their day starts at about 6am with climbing all over us, tapping our faces, purring and in Rosy's case dribbling on us (she does this when she purrs too much), then breakfast. After eating, a wander round the garden and a bit of chasing and playing together. At about 9 it is time for a nap - off upstairs to choose which bed is best! About lunchtime it is time to try it on with whoever is at home and see if there is any food going (if nobody is around and the food bin hasn't been shut properly then there could be a little snack of vegetable peelings, fish skins or leftover meat to be had). If Emily (our 3 year old daughter) is around they will persuade her to give them some biscuits by lots of kisses and cuddles. After lunch it is time for a bit of TV, especially if there is sport on - nothing like chasing things across the big screen with your paw. Then a long nap on the big bed upstairs before trying it on to get more food, and making out that they are skin and bones, at about 4.00pm (knowing well that dinner time is at 6.00). Since there is no food going at that time, another play in the garden is required before coming in and getting dinner! Then another play indoors or outdoors / bit of tv or even snooze. At about 8.00pm a trip upstairs with Emily and a cuddle on her bed to listen to the bedtime story. The back down for cuddles with Mummy and Daddy. At bedtime another trip upstairs to settle on the bed, to sleep till it is time to start again...........

They are such a big part of our family now, and we can't remember being without them. Thank you all for your good work in finding these little girls a home with us, and all the other cats that you have helped.

Have attached some photos, and hope you will be able to use them to show other people another of your Happy Endings.

Love from Fiona, John, Emily, Poppy and Rosy xxx

Ava and Gia

Hi Everyone

Its been a month since we brought Ava and Gia home after the open day in Lewisham 23/02/13. They were part of the family of cats that came from a group of 32 living in one home.

We have fallen in love with our two ‘girls’, and pine for them when we are at work.

At first Gia appeared to be the braver one, with Ava cowering behind her under the sofa bed in the spare room where we kept them the first few days.

However Ava has turned out to be the more affectionate one, with Gia not letting us even pet her for the first week. It has transpired that Gia just prefers play over cuddling, as 80% of the time when you go to stroke her, she leaps into the air making the cutest purr/playful shriek and scamps off around the room. She makes this noise constantly whilst moving about the flat. Gia initiates play - her and Ava have great fun running and sliding across our wood floors, turning rugs topsy turvy, running up and down both flights of stairs and launching off of low furniture. They have quite a few toys which they play with now, and are just a constant source of amusement for us, so you can understand why we cannot wait to get home to them everyday. Everyday is a fun fair!
Ava I enclose a few pictures, one of them enjoying a rare moment of calm snuggling on the sofa together.

We are very grateful to Celia Hammond Trust for helping us find Gia and Ava, and for their after care (Leslie was a diamond giving dietary advice after Gia experienced a week long stomach upset, which is all clear now – thank you Leslie). We will continue to support Celia Hammond Trust as their policy of never putting a cat to sleep is so very dear to us.

Our heart felt thanks – keep up the amazing work that you do for our furry friends!

Sarah & Simone


Attached is a pic of Onyx on my bed, has become one of her favourite places to lounge. She's doing fine, learnt to use the cat flap and plays with her toys.

Fry and Poppet

Poppet, Leela and Fry

Dear All at CHAT,

After far too long, I am sitting down to write to you and to let you know how the three lovely troublemakers we adopted from your Canning Town branch last year are getting on. We took Poppet (mummy, now 2 years old) and Leela and Fry (both now 10 months old) home last July, and they truly have become part of the family - albeit a slightly bossy, ever quirky part of the family!

Poppet, the mummy cat, is doing so well. She is such a quiet, gentle girl, but she's devoted to her kits and loves to hang out with us when we read or work. She's very wary and cautious when she feels stressed but so sweet-natured with those she trusts. She adores my partner Matthew!

Fry, our little boy cat, is such fun. He loves to give kisses and purrs like a fiend when cuddled. No-one is a stranger to Fry, and he especially loves flirting with any female humans who come into our house! Leela, our teeny tortie, is sweet and silly - she can be jumpy and scatty but is so sweet to her humans and loves to curl up contentedly with her family to watch a movie. She is thoroughly spoiled.

Leela Thank you all for rescuing them and helping us to rehome them; they have added to the happiness in our home immeasurably. Thank you also for all that you do for vulnerable animals - you are all such stars! I attach a few recent photos of the gang to show you how they're getting on.

Best wishes,


Moon had lived as a stray for some time, being fed but with nowhere to live. She lost her sight during this period. It has now been over a year since she moved into my home.

Initially she was scared and would hide under the bed, only coming out for food and to use the litter tray. However once she realised she was safe, she made herself right at home. Now she spends a lot of the time on my bed, sleeping or enjoying massages. She also loves her food.

She is very vocal - sometimes in the early hours of the morning, but because of her blindness she can't go outside.

However I try to make her life inside stimulating and unlike before, she is now safe and surrounded by humans who love her.


Luke and Leia

Luke and Leia

Luke and Leia

We adopted Luke and Leia several years ago from a lovely Foster Home linked to the Lewisham Branch.
They were fostered with their mother and brother and sister having been found in a building site
where demolition was taking place and they were all in danger. They are real characters - Leia is feisty
and a bit of a hunter and best friends with the children. Every night she waits for them to go upstairs to bed -
then sits on the bottom bunk for a bit to say good night - then makes her way up a vertical bunk ladder like a monkey
to the top bunk where she prefers to sleep. Luke is a bit more sedate and prefers to potter round the garden and think about where
his next meal is coming from and avoids any such acrobatics. Needless to say in typical cat fashion, they both took about 2 seconds
to realise we had a heated floor put into our new shower room! Thank you Lewisham CHAT and their foster home
for our fantastic, beautiful tabbies.

Debbie's cats

Room on the bed???

ROOM ON THE BED??? We reckon quite a few of you have this problem! Where are YOU going to sleep tonight??

"Hi All, This is a photo I never thought I would get - My 7 chat cats on the bed, so where is mum gonna sleep?

Lol Debbie - Receptionist at Canning Town"


Albert was an elderly unneutered male stray who was rescued with a broken jaw. He was also thin, and infested with fleas and lice. He had clearly lived for years as a stray and had a really hard life. Initially he was taken to another Charity vets where his jaw was repaired but he also tested as F.I.V positive so we were asked to take him in.
Within a few weeks he looked loads better and became a real favourite with all our staff and volunteers but as a rather tatty looking older cat was struggling a bit to attract the interest of a new home.

Then Heather came his rescue and adopted him under our Long Term Foster Scheme where because he is an older F.I.V positive cat we are continuing to provide his veterinary care via our Lewisham Clinic. - Thank you Heather - Albert is a very deserving cat!

"Hello everyone there at Celia Hammond

Just wanted to say thank you. In January I collected Puma who I think had been with you for about eight months. He is now known as Albert! He seems to like the name..... but who can tell?

His appetite had not been so good recently and I was very worried about him, so I brought him in earlier this week and was relieved that the costs would be covered because of his FIV status. Since seeing the vet on Tuesday, Albert has really picked up - he is so much happier and eating like a HORSE! He really seems much more relaxed now - and so am I. I think we were made for each other!! ha ha....

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... he is such great company.

Here he is sunning himself on my bed!
As soon as I am more financially solvent, I will send a donation.



We adopted Velvet now called Bella in July 2012.

Velvet was rescued by the Lewisham branch from a filthy house where she was living amongst a group of unneutered males. She was 4 years and in that time had given birth to 5 litters.

She was in a dreadful state, her fur was matted and patchy, she was flea ridden and dreadfully underweight.

Lesley gave her the name Velvet as she promised her that one day her fur would be like velvet.

We first got to know Velvet during our volunteering work at Lewisham on a Sunday afternoon. We had space and love for one more feline friend at home and simply couldn't resist Velvets adorable little face and pleading cries to take her home, especially when we heard her sad story.

She is a lovely gentle girl who loves to play, either on her own or with one of our 4 other cats. She is clearly reliving the kitten years she never had.

We are delighted to have been able to give Velvet, now Bella, her forever home and as you can see from the photo she is a healthy happy girl, with a beautiful shiny coat that is indeed as soft as Velvet.

Best wishes

Sue and Ange



Armie had originally been rescued after be involved in a road traffic accident in which he had suffered two broken back legs. One leg had to be amputated but the other was able to be saved although required surgery to pin his broken bones and will still need one more operation.

He had been placed in an indoor only foster home but clearly wanted to go outdoors. Karen and Marek have a well enclosed garden and have kindly given brave Armie a new home.

"Hello all,
Armie has been with us for 2 weeks now. At first he was a little unsure but he soon made himself right at home and loves charging around playing with his toys. He is a really friendly, easy going cat who likes a cuddle. Although he needs to have another operation on his remaining back leg soon, we are sure he will come through it all and be a great pet for many years to come.
Kerry and Marek"

Elizabeth and Darcy


I thought you might like to see how they kittens are getting on!

The kittens have settled in brilliantly. Elizabeth is very soppy and likes to fall asleep on my shoulder. Darcy is getting more confident every day and now enjoys being stroked. They have already destroyed the activity centre I got them through lots of play.

Best wishes


Just a picture of Lola (formerly known as Pixie) settling in beautifully. What a lovely gentle puddy cat.

Edie and Betty


Hi there,

Thought you would like to see how Edie (aka Lena) and Betty (aka Annie) are getting on in their new warm, comfortable, playful, loving home.

The Holdens



Hello everyone at Celia Hammonds.

It has been two months since I took the little Melanie home. She is the most affectionate and loveable kitten I have ever seen. She won my, my housemate’s and our big fluffy black cat’s (Mordek) hearts easily. She and Mordek are the best friends now, always playing, wrestling, chasing each other and looking for all kinds of trouble. Melanie is quickly turning into a healthy young cat lady and is a great company for all of us.

I am very grateful to Celia Hammond's workers and most of all to Natalie and Lesley for giving me the chance to give Melanie a new home.

All the best

Sootica and Matilda


Some more very relaxed looking, happy cats!

Photos suggesting that Sootica & Matilda (formerly Sarah & Jasmine) are settling in OK in their new home...



Sootica and Matilda


Auntie Celia

I wanted to say thanks for having me you are a very kind auntie & all the volunteers that have fed & watered me all the time I stayed with you. I will send you some photos that my nice kind new owners have taken, I've got my own bed with lovely cushions, my own dinner table with my own bowl - it's fab - never had it so good! so thank you once again and will stay in touch.... Xxx

Sent by Topaz xxx"
Boris and Basil


Originally rescued from a large multi cat household these two have settled into their new home remarkably quickly!

Well, you asked for pictures when Basil & Cookie (now Boris) had settled down. Well, here they are – after just a few hours!

Bruce & Jan

Holly and Pip


Hi all

As promised, here are some pictures of Molly and Dolly (now known as Pip – our little black cat; and Holly – with the black and white markings). My husband, Ian, and I adopted Pip and Holly on Friday 26 July from the Lewisham branch – with the help of Natalie and Naomi (humans).
Both cats are settling in really well and enjoyed a quiet weekend lounging around in front of the TV and getting used to their new homes. Holly is turning out to be a very peaceful and affectionate cat who likes nothing more than having her chin and tummy rubbed. Pip is just as affectionate but can’t sit still for more than a few minutes before she is up and off again; knocking things over, attacking her new scratching post and playing with toilet rolls and string.
Both cats already feel like part of the family and we are really looking forward to the day when we can let them out of the living room to roam around the house and garden. In the meantime, we are getting to grips with their lifestyle preferences (we are fairly easy to train..) and are delighted that they have come to live with us.

Many thanks to all at Celia Hammond, Lewisham, for looking after our two girls and for bringing us together.

Best wishes,

Angela and Ian, Holly and Pip.

Patch and Grethl



We adopted Patch and Grethl in March. Although shy at first they quickly began to trust my husband and I. They are very affectionate in different ways. Grethl like giving you a good luck and Patch a rub of her nose against ours!! We love them very much and would recommend people get cats from centres like yourselves!! Thank you for such beautiful girls :)



(Midnight was originally abandoned in a basket in the waiting room at our Lewisham clinic)

Dear Lesley, Natalie, Naomi, Jill and everyone at Celia Hammond Lewisham

It was an absolute pleasure coming in to meet you yesterday (along with all of your gorgeous furry charges). After an agonizing decision (Lesley – we could have done the rounds another 20 times and it would still have been difficult!) we came away with Midnight – and what a total joy he is.
He has so far managed to scale every height and crawl behind every tiny space between the furniture and shows no fear. He has been friendly, affectionate and pretty relaxed from the off. Our resident cat is not quite so impressed, but so far there have been no major ructions and I think we are going to be okay.

A huge thank you to everyone at the organization for everything you do and allowing us to come and take one of these beautiful, deserving creatures home with us where they will be showered with love and affection.
I’ll send you an updated photo in the future when (hopefully) the two cats have got used to each other a little more and might be playing/lounging in the garden.

Best regards

Jill and Steve
Ella and Nina


Hi there

I just wanted to give you an update on KC and Daisy (now called Nina and Ella).

They settled in well and made themselves at home from day 1. I've owned an anxious cat in the past and was extremely relieved at how laidback, friendly and confident these pair were. They do bicker daily but I think it's just Ella's way of reinforcing that she is the boss!! And even though they bicker, we have caught them several times sleeping together and grooming eachother, and on one occasion spooning!

Anyway, they are delightful pets and we feel very lucky to have them. They are full of affection and we have grown very fond of their different personalities. They have made our new house a home and make us smile every day.

Thank you for all the good work that you do.

Many thanks

Mark & Alison x



A happy ending for Harry......

"Chilling with Harry. "
Madison and Marley


Dear Lesley and everyone at CHAT

We thought you would like an interim update on Maddison and Marley. Mother and Daughter are settling in well and now have the run of the house, which we have had to use our ingenuity to cat-proof! Apart from the obvious, like moving anything sharp, easily breakable or otherwise dangerous, we’ve also blocked off the chimney (strong cardboard comes in very handy!) and secured the vertical blinds so that they can’t be played with - the cords are taped to the door frame and the bottoms of the blinds are in an ice cream container! We have also had to tape sheets of paper near to the bottom of the patio door between the living room and conservatory to stop them running into it when the door’s closed, have covered up electrical wiring and moved the houseplants, which they have both been trying to eat. We now have some cat grass ready and hope that they’re going to find it more to their taste!

Although Maddison has made it clear that she doesn’t like to be picked up, she will let us stroke her and is now even beginning to ‘talk’ to us and purr. It’s going take some more time before she trusts us completely, but she is getting a little more relaxed every day. Marley is a bit of a dare-devil and will launch herself at almost anything – usually our feet and legs or the furniture (now covered up!) – and purrs almost all the time. They both have really good appetites (just as well as they do like to chase each other and need regular refuelling!). Marley has already grown in the short time that we have had her and the white speckles in her coat are getting more pronounced. All in all, the two M’s are creating both mayhem and magic, and we are enjoying every moment of it. These photos were taken on one of the rare occasions when they weren’t tearing around together. Marley is playing with a catnip mouse . . . . while Maddison gets some much needed rest!

We will update you further when their enforced incarceration is over and they are able to explore the garden. They have already ‘met’ the neighbours’ two cats through the glass of the back doors and there has been interest on both sides, but no hissing and spitting, so we are hopeful that they will get on well.

Finally, we would just like to thank you all for bringing these two wonderful cats into our lives and will be keeping up with all of the news from CHAT.

With kind regards -

Hilary and David


Hi Celia Hammond

I thought it would be nice to let you know how Harley's time with me has been so far, i was told he was abandoned by his previous owner which i fail to understand why because he is amazing! he is extremely playful and energetic and loves running up and down the stairs. By the looks of it he is adventurous too as he has his breakfast then goes out for the whole day and comes home late. However when he's here he is very cuddly and always purs when i come home i'm in love with him! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Love from

Chloe and Harley xx



Hi all,

I thought you might like an update of Woolly, who I adopted back in Oct 2010 from Lewisham branch when she was 3 months old.

Back then she was a little quiet and unsure of how to wash herself and use the litter tray properly, but has now come on in leaps and bounds.

As you can see from the pictures, she LOVES food, not normal cat food, but crisps, cakes, chips, butter and everything that us humans eat! I don’t let her eat these, obviously, but she has been known to get in my cupboards and eat things from there. I bake a lot of cakes and I can’t leave them out, or she will eat the whole thing!

Yuki with Daisy in the background


Dear CHAT,

Over the past 3 years we adopted two cats and a dog from your Canning Town branch and we would like to share their happy ending stories.

The first kitty we adopted from CHAT was Yuki, a 16 weeks old kitten that was found wandering the streets in the rain in October 2010. She turned out to be the happiest and friendliest cat ever! Nothing fazes her. She has such a fantastic energy and no one can be miserable around her, she just forces you to always see the bright side of things. She loved her new home and within a couple of weeks was best friends with our adult resident cat, Misha. They cuddled up together, groomed each other and play non stop.

Photo: Yuki with Daisy in the background.


Then came our sweet little elf, Elvina. She was from one of the litters we fostered for CHAT. We fostered her (with her mum and siblings) since she was a tiny 3 week old kitten. Whilst we were still fostering her she started to have severe epileptic fits so we decided to adopt her to try and give her the best possible medical care. We had our ups and downs but her epilepsy is now under control and she is a happy two year old that enjoys snoozing all day in her bedroom and playing like a lunatic overnight. Seeing her now, so well and happy, fills us with joy.


And then there is Daisy (previously known as Lady) our 15 year old Shih Tzu that was brought in to be put to sleep with an infected uterus last November 2012. It is hard to put in words the amount of love and joy that Daisy has brought to our life. She is a completely different dog. She has been reborn. She has gained weight, recovered fully from the infection and is now a perfectly healthy senior dog with vasts amounts of puppiness still left in her. This is a photo of her literally flying in our garden! I think the image says it all.
We moved to a barn conversion in Sussex and fenced the whole garden with a cat proof fence so they are all safe to enjoy the outdoors at all times. They have an actual tree house which Yuki loves! And the entire barn with the old beams is a playground to them.
We are all a very happy furry family and we couldn't imagine a life without any of our CHAT girls. Thank you CHAT for rescuing them and keep up the good rehoming work. We hope lots of people will be lucky enough to adopt from your shelters, give these wonderful beings the love they deserve and experience the happiness they bring.

Eva and David (and Yuki, Daisy, Elvina & Misha)



Hi there

The attached photo is of two kittens adopted by us from you. They were called Fat Sam and Blousey by you, then Geronimo and Cuchillo by their foster parents and are now called Agnes Cuchillo and Magnus Geronimo!

Just a quick update to say that they are very happy and very boisterous and have settled in well to the mayhem of our house where there are constant children and adults and they seem to thrive on the company. They follow me around the house, try to get in the bath when we are all in there and constantly play with each other. They are a joy to have and we are so pleased they have settled in so well. They have been spayed now and the next step is to let them outside once they are bigger. Our girls love them very much and so do I, my husband still needs a bit of persuading but secretly I think he loves them.

Thank you so much for all your help in finding us suitable cats, we could not be happier.

Thanks again

Winston and Princess Maisie


Now known as Winston and Princess Maisie the kittens have settled beautifully. They've entertained us with their antics before flopping down to sleep (taking over my daughter's bed). Thank you so much for letting us adopt such a cute pair - we're looking forward to many more years of fun with them.

Best wishes

Peanut, Olivia and Jet



Thank you for your call today. Below is a photo of my rescued ferals at my stables - left to right - Peanut , Olivia and Jet. They are very well and very happy. They have their own cat hotel filled with cat beds and windows to look out when it's cold and wet.

Kindest regards

Mariska. X

Littles and Leo


Hello there

I took some photos of my cats today sun-bathing together on the sofa .. and I thought you might like to see them. It's over 5 years since I got Romeo (now Leo, tabby) and Ringo (now Littles, ginger) from yourselves, and I'm not sure how often people get back in touch to keep you posted - but I thought it might make you happy to see that 5 years later they are still blissfully content at home in East Dulwich.

Leo & Littles are very much a part of my family and friends, loved and adored by pretty much everyone who comes round here ... even those to profess not to be 'cat people'!

I never forget what a wonderful job you are all doing to rescue cats and kittens from all over London .... Keep up the good work.

Much love



Hi guys,

Wanted to update you on wee Aggie, a one-year-old tabby that we adopted from your Lewisham centre at the weekend. She's settled in well to our little home and as you can see has made herself pretty comfy on an armchair that's now basically been commandeered as her nest! She also seems to like Kate Bush's Hounds of Love whenever Lucy has put it on the stereo.

Thanks to Linda, Judith, Naomi and the rest of the team at Lewisham for being so helpful :)


Andy and Lucy

Ming and Maki


Dear all

I picked up this little guy from your Lewisham branch on Saturday.

He was called Toby. He's now called Maki. And as you can see by the photo he's getting on just fine with Ming, my other cat (and who was from your branch in Canning Town).

Thanks again!




Just to let you know that Tommie has settled in well and is a lovely friend for Gingie
Tommie is on the bottom ,
He is having his second lot of injections soon and will be able to go out in the garden
Thanks once again for my two beautiful boys

Octavia and Pinky


Here is a very cute picture of Ottie and Eddie, aka Pinky and Octavia in a fruit box from our move which they have claimed as their own! They have brought much joy to our house over the past week and we're not sure what we did before they arrived!

Laurice and James
Huey and Louis



You may remember two boisterous kittens called Huey and Louis. We homed them in late August and as you can see they have settled in well! They are still inseparable though Huey has the weight advantage, and is happy to bully Louis off any warm spot.
They are fabulous with our pre-schooler and 1yr old and generally have lovely gentle natures. We are so pleased we homed them.

Best regards



Dear all

We thought that you would like to see some pictures of Bubalub, who we adopted three weeks ago. She has settled in very well, and is exploring her new home. She and Sherry, our dog, are getting on fine.

Kind regards, Pete & Margaret
Freddie and Marlowe

Freddie and Marlowe

To everyone at Celia Hammond, and especially Lesley and Trudy in the Lewisham branch, here is a nice happy ending story plus a few pictures for you to put on the website and the facebook page...


We adopted Rolly (the ginger and white one), who is now called Freddie, and Fendi (the black and white one), who is now called Marlowe, from the Lewisham branch in October 2012. They were both a little freaked out by their experience of being rescued, but quickly settled into their new home. Even though they didn't know each other before we rehomed them, they hit it off immediately. They quickly set to work burning off their energy playing their favourite game: lions and wildebeest. Marlowe is usually the lion and Freddie, the wildebeest, much to his disappointment. Freddie is now 18 months old and Marlowe has just turned one. As young cats they are extremely energetic so were a bit frustrated while we had to keep them indoors until their vaccinations took effect. But from the day they have been allowed to roam all the gardens in the neighbourhood and make friends with the neighbourhood cats, they have been blissfully happy. And why wouldn't they be! They don't have to work for a living, they get delicious food, featherstick play, as much sleep and exercise as they like, and have two humans who dote on them. In my next life, I'm going to come back as a cat!

Zoe and Nick

February 2013

Axel-Rose and Missy-Moo

Axel-Rose and Missy-Moo

Hello everyone at Celia Hammond!

We adopted then called Hedone and Antigone (now the mum, fully tabby is named Axl Rose, and her daughter, white/tabby Missy Moo)in November last year- and I just wanted to let you know they have both settled in wonderfully.
Missy Moo is into everything- wants to know everything we are all doing- we find her in cupboards, on shelves, under duvets- she follows me around everywhere, and watches me intently when I'm filing my nails- she is a gorgeous little girl with fur thats like silk! Her mum Axl Rose is lovely- she is still a little bit nervous, but who wouldn't be if you were put in a box in the bin- her meow is very funny- and every morning at 6am she comes and lies on our chest and purrs SO loudly we don't need an alarm anymore.
They both love each other very much- and love curling up next to the radiator keeping warm and watching us getting on with things. I am so glad they are part of our life-its been one of the best things I have ever done!
Thank you, Hanna, Saunby and Kitty xxx

Handsome and Gretel



Just wanted to update you on Handsome & Gretel (previously Rachel & Phoebie). They are well and truly settled in and now have the run of the house after Charlie gave them the guided tour on Saturday and let them watch a DVD with him in his bed, you can only see Handsome because Gretel is curled in with the teddies. Charlie was a little wary at first but picks them up, cuddles them, plays with and feeds them (I get the toilet duty and have to say they stink! J).

Definitely happy to have the new additions in the family and thank you.


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