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Brede, Hastings Animal Sanctuary
Hastings, Sussex animal rescue shelter

Brede, Near Hastings, East Sussex, TN31 6BT
Tel: 01424 882198 (please phone for an appointment first)
Email: sanctuary@celiahammond.org

On this page we feature just SOME of the animals in our care who really deserve a new, loving home, but who have so far been overlooked. WE DO HAVE MANY MORE CATS NOT FEATURED HERE so please call us for more information.


All potential homes are visited by a member of our rehoming team prior to rehoming any of our rescued animals. Due to our limited resources, we are ONLY able to home animals in areas near to our rescue centre. If you are considering adopting a cat or kittens from a rescue centre you will need to be aware that whilst some of our rescues are from well meaning kind homes where due to varying circumstances they were no longer able to keep them, many others have been neglected, left to fend for themselves, abandoned on the streets or mistreated and will not be INSTANTLY friendly pets, so a quiet home with patience and understanding from the new owners is needed for the first few weeks - however your patience is normally rewarded a million times over when your new feline/s purr for the first time! THESE ARE RESCUE ANIMALS!!! We take in animals that need our help, our decision is not based on colour, age or temperment.

Once your home visit has been carried out and providing we have the right animals to suit you, you will be invited to visit our sanctuary to see cats/kittens. You can then adopt your new pet/s and take home on the same day. A donation will be required on adoption. Guidelines for adoption fees will be explained at the time of your home visit.

Please note: We have lots of single cats looking for homes, but on occasion we feel it only right to home certain cats in pairs. (This could be for various different reasons, which of course we would be only too happy to explain.) We would home these cats in the pairs that they were rescued in. We wouldn't split these pairings and mix and match with other cats.

If you are interested in adopting cats or kittens and would like to visit the Sanctuary, please note that we are open 7 days a week 1pm to 5pm by appointment only.


Thinking of adopting a cat? Need some advice? Want to know what happens next?
Then, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's) page.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please phone or e-mail us.

Wish list


Now you can directly help us care for our cats awaiting new homes by buying a gifts online to be delivered directly to the Sanctuary. You can choose from food, toys, scratch posts and comforting bedding. Just click on the link below

Our Sanctuary Wish List
Mabel is seeking a new home!


KITTEN SEASON Cats are seasonal breeders usually giving birth to two litters per year - Spring and again late Summer.

There are not so many young kittens in need of homes at the present time, but lots of very deserving adult cats of all ages in need of new homes.

During the Winter months we will still have some 'out of season' litters of kittens coming in, but not in the numbers we would have during the Summer months.

Winter, therefore hopefully gives our lovely adult cats, of all ages, as well as adolescent kittens who missed out on the opportunity of a home during the Summer, their chance to be chosen and find a new home.

The main cat breeding season has started again! NEUTER! NEUTER! NEUTER! If you have friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbours with unneutered cats talk to them about neutering, show them our website and if they need help with neutering get in touch.

Feeding a stray - she may be unneutered - you don't want to find a litter of kittens in your garden in a couple of months time - contact us for help and advice.

Kittens should be neutered by 4 months old, they are sexually mature at 5-6 months - so please don't delay!

Open Days


Our Sanctuary is Open every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for potential cat adopters to come and meet our cats and discuss their homing requirements with us.

We are currently on Summer Opening Times: Midday until 5pm

Sanctuary address: Greenacres, Stubb Lane, Brede, East Sussex TN31 6BT

Enquiries: please phone 01424 882198 or email us: sanctuary@celiahammond.org


Mother cats have very strong maternal bonds with their kittens. If their kittens are taken from them they will cry and search for days. Mother cats have been known to go into burning buildings to rescue their young. Some people falsely believe they should let a cat have a litter before being neutered/spayed, then they give away the kittens leaving a distressed mother cat who has gained absolutely nothing positive from the experience - better to have her neutered in the first place.

Kittens are great fun to watch, they love chasing and playing with each other and then collapsing in a heap together to sleep and recharge for more fun and games. Growing up, they are company for each other - essential if everyone is out of the house for any length of time during the day. Re-homing kittens in pairs reduces stress for them when arriving in a new home since they comfort each other. This is also important if you already have a cat, or cats, in your home since they will be initially hostile to a new arrival whether kitten or adult. This would be very frightening for a single kitten who would be missing his or her mum and siblings. A pair of kittens will stick together, and existing cats can either play with them or leave them as they wish. Elderly cats can be put off to have lively kittens chewing their ears, chasing their tails and generally harassing them.

SO, if we have the mum, we home a mum with one or two of her kittens, and REHOME KITTENS IN PAIRS. We do this in the best interests of the cats but this is also in the owners best interests because happy cats make happy cat owners!


Seeking to adopt a pair of kittens or a mother cat and a kitten? - Would you consider fostering a whole family for us - keeping a mum and a kitten or two permanently? We will find suitable homes for the 'extras' once they are ready to be homed.

Can't offer a permanent home - could you help by foster a mother cat and her kittens until they are weaned and we have suitable new homes for them?



We are always grateful for small clean blankets and towels of all sizes at all our centres. If you live close to any of our centres or Head Office, and have blankets or towels you could donate, please do drop them in. However, we are not able to accept duvets larger than doubles or any pillows. We really need more things for vast number of kittens in our care to play with - do you have a scratch post going spare you could donate?

If you have any unwanted cat scratch posts, cat baskets, clean toys or cat food they too would be greatfully recieved by our rescued cats. Thank you.

Inky & Poe

Inky and Poe - HOMED!

Early one morning, over the weekend, one of our staff members was arriving at our Wadhurst charity shop and spotted a cat carrier behind the bins to the side of the shop.

She went to investigate and found two little black kittens inside the carrier with one pouch of kitten food tucked underneath their bedding. We do not know how long they had been in the carrier for, out in the cold weather, and next to a relatively noisy/busy road.

They were immediately taken inside by our staff member, and were found a foster home close to our sanctuary in Brede, nr Hastings.

Now in a secure home the little girl has become very purry and affectionate, but the little boy is still a little more reserved; we think they are around 12-14 weeks old. We think that they would be best suited to a home with older children.

Inky and Po have now found a home together!

Rosie and Kit


Rosie and kitten.

A Very friendly mum and her shy 4 month old kitten seeking a quiet home together.

For more information about Rosie and Kit please telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please.

Donate to Celia Hammond Animal Trust
We can rescue them only you can save them.
Help Save a Life Today, please donate
to us online via the

Charities Aid Foundation

Kai and Esme

PKai and Esme - Priority! - Long termers!

Kai and Esme arrived at the Sanctuary having been previously in the care of our Canning Town, East London Branch, due to building work that is being carried out there.

Kai and Esme are young adult cats and are seeking a new home together.

Originally rescued as stray kittens they were shy but during their stay with us have increasingly gained in confidence.

Esme is a quiet young cat but is friendly and enjoys being stroked.
Kai is slightly shier but also can be stroked.

They really need a proper home of their own where they can receive more attention to really improve their confidence with people.

For more information telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please

Donate to Celia Hammond Animal Trust
We can rescue them only you can save them.
Help Save a Life Today, please donate
to us online via the

Charities Aid Foundation

Aviary cats 1


A group of twenty cats are seeking homes in pairs.

They were rescued in East London by our Canning Town Branch last year after their owner was ordered by the Housing Association they rented from to give up their cats.

Due to the building work currently being carried out at C.H.A.T's Canning Town Branch the cats had to be moved to the Sanctuary but are still in need of homes.

Aviary cats2
These are lovely friendly young adult cats who love to play.


For more information about providing a home to these cats telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please.



We have several pairs and family groups of feral cats seeking new outdoor homes such as farms, stables and smallholdings.

The offspring of stray cats these cats have been born outdoors and missed out on the early human handling that would have led to them being friendly with people.

Used to being fed by people most are semi-feral and are quite happy to come within a few feet of people, particularly at dinner time!

They require dry shelter such as a hay barn, tack room or outbuilding and daily food but will earn their keep as an effective rodent patrol.

Rachel and Lewis

Rachel and Lewis

Lovely, friendly young mother cat and her kitten seeking a home together.

Rachel left home after her owners bought a puppy and was missing for several months. She was eventually discovered in a neighbouring garden with a single male kitten, who has been named Lewis. Lewis was initially very shy, having never been around people, but having been been cared for in a foster home over the past few weeks he has made excellent progress.

Their foster 'mum' Gill says: "Rachel is gentle, sweet and very loving and adores tummy rubs. Lewis is a proper little boy kitten. He loves climbing into and on to everything. He loves cheese and steals tissues and runs off with them and pounces until they are properly shredded! They alternate periods of snuggling together in deep sleep with wild stretches when they wrestle, and chase each other at top speed from room to room before choosing to settle again in a chair close to me."

Ellie Muffet


Ellie, Muffet Sid and Jolly.

Seeking homes in pairs. Lovely cats but they can be a little shy at first and would be best suited to homes without young children.
Sid and Jolly For more information about providing a home to Ellie, Muffet, Sid and Jolly please telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please.
Tetley and Jaffa


These gentle and friendly middle aged cats were discovered living in a garden next to an area where several houses have been demolished and it seems they have been left behind.

They are devoted to each other and would be ideally suited to a quieter home with a garden, we think they could live along side other cats and calm dogs.

Update: Tetley and Jaffa have found a home!
Group of eight


These mixed group of young cats and older kittens arrived from our Canning Town branch. They were all initially very shy but have been making steady progress and are now starting to enjoy human company and will readily play and take treats from your hands. These cats will be seeking homes in pairs.

For more information about these cats please telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please



Middle aged very handsome large tabby. Paul was left behind by his owner with an elderly neighbour but he proved to be a little too feisty and independent for her.

Paul is a friendly boy and is a perfect gentle pussycat most of the time however is not afraid to let tell us off if he has had enough fuss or doesn’t want his bedding changed however we think with the right home and freedom to come he would be much happier and relaxed.
Will need catflap, garden and a home without children.

For more information about Paul please telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number please

Malcolm Moonbear

18th Feb: We thought you could help us by suggesting a name for this cat who is newly arrived at our Sanctuary near Hastings. With over 300 names suggested our sanctuary staff had a difficult decision but eventually decided on a combination of three names that were suggested and he is now called " Malcolm Moonbear".

He has been living stray, and was spotted creeping out to eat bird food in someones garden. They made him in a bed in their green house and fed him. However they couldn't get anywhere near him as he was frightened, so he lived in their very cold green house for the next 3 months whilst they tried to befriend him. They called us for help and we had to trap him, but now in our care he is really very friendly. He is about 4 years old and needs a new name and a new home!

To enquire about Malcolm Moonbear please phone our Sanctuary on 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


Tim is a very lively youngster and, although he is super bold and very friendly, has a rather complicated character and can be a bit unpredictable at times. We think much of this is due previous ill treatment and is being compounded by being in the cattery. He is desperate for a home of his own with a garden where he can leap around as he wishes so he can burn off some of his youthful exuberance. We think he would be best homed with an experienced owner. He would be happy to live with other cats.

For more information telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number.



Leo is a handsome young chap who can initially be shy but once he knows you he loves to be stroked. His coat is short but thick and so he enjoys a brush to keep it looking healthy.

He would be best suited to a home without children and away from busy roads.

To enquire about Leo please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


10 year old Agi arrived with us on 7th April 2014 as she was not getting on with the other animals in the household. Her owners were very reluctant to let her go, but felt that it was in her best interest.

Agi is a gorgeous silver tabby and is very affectionate. She is currently overweight and will need to be put onto a strict diet to ensure that she can reach her ideal weight.

As Agi was previously not getting along with the other animals in the household, she is looking for a home as the only cat where she can receive 100% of the attention. She is used to a rural environment, away from busy roads and will need access to a secure garden.

For more information about Agi telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number.



These cats are from a large group of 23 cats that came to us following the eviction of their owner from her home in East London.

They are currently quite shy and will require patient adult homes in pairs with access to a garden.

To enquire about these cats please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org
Pen 3

Pen 3 cats

These cats also came to us as part of a large group of 23 cats that were left homeless following the eviction of their owner from her home in East London.

They are currently quite shy and will require patient adult homes in pairs with access to a garden.

To enquire about these cats please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org
Eden and Kryton


Eden has made friends with the lovely Kryton and we would love to find them a home together. Kryton came from the same home as Eden although not at the same time. Eden is about 8 months old and is very friendly. Kryton, who is about a year Eden's senior, is a lovely gentle little cat but is adores his younger 'sister' and is always willing to play when she wants to and ready to cuddle up when she decides it is time for a nap.

They would best suit a home without young children to a house with catflap access to a garden well away from busy roads as Eden is very bold and adventurous and seems to have very little sense of danger!

To enquire about Eden and Kryton please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


Faith was abandoned in a cardboard box in the car park of a caravan park. She has clearly had several litters of kittens and was in pretty poor condition when found. She has now gained weight and is looking great and is the sweetest natured little girl.

We think she would be a good family pet and would be happy to live with other cats.

To enquire about Faith please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org



We have four young rabbits seeking new homes either as a foursome or in pairs.

They have all been neutered and microchipped and are seeking new homes where they can be provided with secure yet spacious and interesting accommodation.

To enquire about these Rabbits please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


Poor little Smokey desperately needs a home of her own again, she is a very bold and friendly little girl and would make an excellent addition to any family!

She came is as a stray so we were very pleased to discover that she was microchipped, but when we contacted her owner they told us that they had given her to a neighbour when they moved over a year ago but now the neighbour also no longer wants her!

Smokey is a bold friendly girl but will sometimes tell you off if she doesn’t get her own way! Smokey would be best suited to a household without young children or other cats.

To enquire about Smokey please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


Marsellus is a huge tom who had been living as a stray for a long time by the look of him. He has been neutered, had his rather unkempt locks tidied up and is being treated for a sore ear. He must have had a hard time living on the streets and was initially very fearful, but he is responding well to gentle care handling and we think he would be a lovely cat for an adult household.

For more information telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number.

Jo Junior and Jack


Jo Junior is an adorable and friendly youngster. Little Jo adores other cats so he needs a home the has has another cat that wants to be friends!

Jo has a slight disfigurement of his eyes although it doesn't bother him at all and doesn't require any treatment.

UPDATE 3rd MARCH: Jack is sweet but shy youngster paired up with Jo Jnr. These lovely boys adore each other are seeking an adult only home with a garden.

To enquire about Jo Junior and Jack please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org
Romulus and Remus


Romulus and Remus are 15 year old brothers that have come to us due their owners ill health.

They are lovely old boys, a bit tatty round the edges maybe but none less lovable for that! We are seeking someone special who is willing to offer them a safe and comfortable retirement home. We may be able to help with medical costs via our long term foster scheme, please get in touch for more details.

UPDATE 3rd MARCH: These adorable old boys arrived a couple of weeks ago. Romulus had some sun damage to his eartips, something common in white cats, which can progress to skin cancer if left untreated so the vets decided it would be best to amputate his ear tips whilst he underwent an aesthetic for some dental work he needed. He has recovered extremely well and clearly feels he is very handsome and tries very hard to get all passersby to admire him!

To enquire about Romulus and Reamus please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org


This poor young chap came to us as a stray. When he arrived he was in very poor condition, but he is now super friendly and ready to go to a good home. We think he would happily live with other cats.

For more information telephone 01424 882198 or email us at: sanctuary@celiahammond.org including a contact phone number.



Scruffy is a handsome but very shy semi feral boy that is seeking a safe outdoor home without other cats. Ideally he would be suited to living on a small holding or stables with access to a cosy haybarn. We will lend you a pen to allow him to be introduced into his new environment in a controlled way and can offer advice and assistance should you require it for the cats lifetime. Please give us a call for more information.

To enquire about Scruffy please tel 01424 882198 or email sanctuary@celiahammond.org
Snowdrop and kittens


Snowdrop and her kittens. Friendly young mother cat who will be seeking a home with one of her little ones and the oher two a home together.

Please call for more info.


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