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Little Dorothy was found as a stray behind some dustbins in Hastings, she is around 4 months old and is a very pretty 'Smoke' coloured kitten. She was really shy initially and is still quite a worried by sudden movements and noises but is now making excellent progress and  loves to play and will readily purr and give head rubs for Dreamies! Poor Dot does not seem to enjoy the company of other cats very much, we have tried to introduce her to others of a similar age group very  gently over the past several weeks but sadly she is very stressed if they get overly close. We think it is best if she is homed as an only cat but she might be happy to share a home with a sensible older cat that will not bother with her. Ideally we would like to find her a home where there is someone at home much of each day so she can have lots of company and she would like to have access to a safe garden to explore when she is a bit bigger. We feel she she would suit to a quieter home without young children.

To enquire about little Dot or any other of the cats at our Greenacres Rehoming Centre please call 01424 882198 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including a contact number.

We have many more cats available for adoption than those shown on our website. Please get in touch to have a chat.