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This lovely family of pure white cats are seeking a new home together. Ghost was found trying to rear her family in a scrap yard.The whole family were in poor condition when they arrived in out care. Time, TLC and attention has resulted in a beautiful family.

Mum (Ghost) is a little nervous but enjoys playing and is getting used to us pesky people. Bertie is fast growing and fast thinking - he sometimes gets overcome with nerves and needs his mum for a bit of reassurance and comfort. Little Flora is a tiny thing - she is half the size of her brother (but twice as brave!) - she wants to run, play and generally cause havoc but still wants her mum for those scary moments!

This lovely family are looking for a new home where they can grow in confidence and enjoy a new life with caring owners.

            We can live with older children.        

   We would prefer to not live with a dog.

         We are looking for a home together. 

           We will require access to the outdoors and would prefer a cat flap.


To enquire about Ghost, Bertie and Flora or to find out about other animals at Canning Town, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send CHAT an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To find out more about homing one of our rescue animal please click here

Photography Kirsten Priebe