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Lila came into our care after her kittens had been found dead in some undergrowth on a piece of waste ground. She was very thin, emaciated really, and had to be trapped as she was so terrified. When we got her back to the clinic, we found she had fly eggs on her body so these were all clipped off to prevent them hatching into maggots on her. She had no wounds so we assumed she had been flyblown as she was laying with her dead kittens.


Poor Lila was so distressed at the death of her kittens that she would not eat. Tests confirmed there was no physical ailment just unhappiness. We tried her with chicken, fish, beef mince, sardines, all different varieties of cat food and she wouldn’t touch any of it. We started her on syringe feeding and gave her relaxants to help her cope with her depression. Gradually she has improved and now eats well (although she prefers one brand of food only!),


Sadly there seems to be more trauma in Lila's past - she flinches when she sees a human hand and cowers in terror from unknown people. With people she knows are safe and will not hurt her she turns into a little minx - happy to be petted and happy to play. A little kindness and trust results in a magnificent change - from fear to joy.


Living with children - Lila would prefer to live in an adult home



    Living with dogs - Lila would prefer not to live with a dog.


   Living with cats - Lila is seeking a home where she is the only resident cat.


Living in-doors - Lila can live as an in-door cat.


Lila is now ready to move into a new home - she is seeking an experienced adult home with people who have the time and patience to help her progress. Ideally Lila needs an owner/s who are experienced and have time to invest in her.


To enquire about Lila please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel 020 7474 8811


Photography Kirsten Priebe